Metal Barns Are Impervious to New Super Termites

What Are Super Termites?

termite-hill-238384_1920The two most common forms of termites are Asian termites and Formoson termites. They are present mostly in hotter climates, and Florida is a hotbed for both species. Recently a new species has emerged as a result of both Asian and Formoson termites as a super powered hybrid of the two. Experts are concerned because of the scope of the area this super termite will be able to cover once it’s species is firmly established. The asian termite can only live in tropical areas, and is mostly in Florida, but the Formosan termite can expand much farther as it doesn’t require tropical climates. The Super-Termites (not named as of yet) are taking after their formosan forefathers in ability to traverse colder climates, and as such may be a significant threat to the North East. The idea of a super termite is frightening enough, but learning that they have the capability to cover the north east parts of the United states in a matter of years is worrying to say the least.

Asian Termites

soldier-termite-protectionAsian Termites are subterranean, which means they live underground. They eat a wide variety of foods, a large majority of which are used for construction of buildings we use to store our property or live within. Asian termites originate from Asia, obviously, and are a tough creature to exterminate. They cause thousands of damage each year and hours and hours of extra work for pest control businesses in the summer when they surge in population. With the warming climate, Asian Termites are also speculated to move up the coast and spread to what were once inhospitably cold climates for them.

 Formosan Termites

termite-infesttationFormosan Termites are contributing the more formidable genome to the new super termite species. They themselves were once nick-named super termite due to their downright astonishing appetite for destruction. Just in Hawaii this pest causes residents $100 million in damage each year. They hail from South China and Japan, and got their name in Taiwan. They have spread their destructive hunger across the entire world except for Antarctica. Another attribute they are contributing to the super termite species is their ability to live above ground as well as below ground. This effectively doubles the areas they can survive, depending on the climate they can search for cooler or warmer spaces. The are already a pest in a large part of the continental united states, but they interbreeding will effectively make them property damage machines. So, how do we combat a pest with an insatiable desire for lumber and plastic?

Some Tips From Modern Pest on Preventing Termite Damage

  • Seal all gaps between gas and water lines where they enter your home.
  • Reduce wood-to-ground contact as much as possible. Wooden siding should be placed at least six inches above the ground.
  • Keep all cellulose materials such as wood or cardboard away from your house and out of your crawlspaces.
  • Keep mulch at least six inches away from your foundation.
  • Resolve all moisture and drainage problems around your home and in your basement.
  • Be sure that your roof and gutter system is directing water away from your home properly.



Metal Barns, Shelters, and Buildings

There has yet to be an insect that has developed an appetite for metal, although there were some speculations a few years ago that some species of fish in the gulf of mexico are developing an appetite for it. Herein, it’s important to have your structure made of something these super termites won’t eat. Or, if you’re reluctant to give up your cabin in the woods, at least replace your wooden barns for your animals, farm equipment and other storage. We have extremely customizable buildings worthy of certification if you desire it. We will meet any county building codes that your residence requires, and our installation AND delivery is free. If you install the building yourself it’s free of charge. We also offer free consultation on you building and storage needs, and will work tirelessly to ensure you get the structure that you need. Call in today to begin purchasing your metal barn.


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