Metal Carports

Looking To Build A New Carport

Our metal carports are customizable structures with one or more open sides. They are manufactured with precision and quality in mind for a final structure that is incredibly sturdy. We give you the power to create the perfect structure to meet your particular needs. Start off by choosing one of the three roofing options, namely, regular, boxed-eave, and vertical. You can then optimize your size, strength, accessories, colors, and walls to your specifications. Our team will walk you through the process, and once finished, our tech-savvy manufacturing plants will create your product. You may also choose to purchase a kit building. These buildings are designed for easy installation with standard household tools. The best thing is you don’t have to wait on installation. Speak with a representative today about the speed and quality of a steel building kit.

Carports Protect From Elemental Damage

Protect your valuables from damaging sun, snow, and other extreme environmental hazards. Enable your hobbies, let your kids play in comfort, or enjoy valuable family time outdoors. No matter what your uses, you’re going to need a reliable structure that you can count on. The worst thing you could do is buy a wooden structure that doesn’t provide sufficient protection and is vulnerable to environmental forces. Call us today at (888) 743-8083, or click here to get a custom quote!

Premium Carports at an Affordable Price      Build it Now

The Elephant process gives you the power to design a carport how you desire, and with all the features we offer, you can design a building to meet a variety of needs. Just a few of the potential uses for your metal structure are:

  • RV storage with extra space for equipment, ATVs, and other vehicles
  • A shaded play area for kids
  • Patio cover for a nice grilling and party location
  • Protection of outdoor valuables and vehicles
  • Replace a marina by using it for boat storage
  • Create a chicken coop, greenhouse, or other hobbyist building
  • Workshops and auto garages

Knowing how tall your building needs to be can be a tricky process. The height of your building is typically the side leg height, which will also be the clearance of your vehicle. However, there are two other heights on the building that should be considered: the center clearance, which is the distance between the ground and the center brace, and the peak height, which is the distance from the ground to the top of the building. Don’t confuse peak height with center clearance, and remember that the side leg height will likely be your vehicle’s clearance! For example, if you order a 12′ wide carport or garage with a 5′ side wall height, you will have a center clearance of 7’3″ and peak height of 7’9″, so it’s important to know and understand these intricacies! Our expert sales engineers would love to answer your questions and help you work through your concerns regarding any and all design options! We know it can be confusing!

Installation with Elephant Barns is a breeze; we offer free delivery and installation with all purchases, which makes this process easy for you! Our metal buildings are simple to install too! A wooden structure could take weeks or months to build. Weather permitting, a metal carport from Elephant Barns has the potential to only take a few hours, larger structures could take a day or two! This saves you time, money, and takes the weight off your shoulders. All you have to do is make sure the installation site is ready for our arrival, and we’ll take care of the rest! Unless you want to do the installation of course, in which case we have a great program for you! Save 5% off the final building price if you opt to install one of our building kits yourself. At Elephant Barns, we cover all the bases.

Carport Options

Our metal carports are pretty cool when it comes to how they can be customized. You can have as many walls as you’d like, leaving one, two, three, or all sides of the carport open. Later, if you decide you’d like to have a fully-enclosed garage instead of a carport, we can upgrade your carport by adding walls to the existing structure. Other options we provide are gabled ends, frame-outs, garage doors, wind anchors, and other certifications for extreme weather. With all these design options, you get immense power and the ability to be creative with your carport usage. The possibilities are endless! With all the awesome opportunities for use you have, you don’t want to invest your money into a product that falls short of expectations. Contact us today!