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Customizable Steel Equestrian Barns

Elephant Barns offers premium steel homes for your equine family. Our products are fully customizable in all aspects of the design process. Firstly, you can choose between different barn types, namely, County, Ridgeline, and Valley. Each of the three types offers distinct protection and storage capabilities. After the barn type has been chosen, we can fully customize the size of the horse barn to your specific needs. If you desire extra space to park your car, a bay area to conveniently clean your horses, or a tack room for equestrian equipment storage, we can build to your desires. We know that internal specifications are just as important as external. With Elephant Barns, you can customize your interior with partitions and stalls, and then outfit them as needed with your desired accessories and equipment.


County Style Barn

Add walls to the county style barn for extra protection or leave it open for maximum convenience and versatility.

Ridgeline Style Barn

Gabled walls add an aesthetically pleasing design element that adds to the traditional feel.

Valley Style Barn

A fully enclosed valley barn is beautiful and protective. Perfect for storage and as a horse shelter.

Use Our Online Builder

When ordering a structure from Elephant Barns, you have many options available to customize your metal barn. The first choice to be made, however, is whether you would prefer a custom metal building, built to your exacting specifications, or one of our carefully designed, classic barn styles. Fortunately, both processes are very easy to complete, and can be initiated from our website barn builder. You can even start with a classic style and customize it to your own tastes with just a few simple clicks.

Customizing Your Building

It’s our mission to deliver the ideal building to our customers. To that end, we want you to tell us exactly what your needs are. By using our online metal building design tool, you can customize everything, from the overall style and dimensions to the color and orientation of the steel sheeting of the walls. For example, let’s say you are worried about the ability of your custom steel building’s ability to endure wind and snow. Do not limit yourself to having to shop fixed floor plans, or even the endless custom configurations you can achieve on our website. If you need to design a 2 stall barn, or even a stable with 4 stalls, 6 stalls, 8 stalls, 10 stalls, or even 20 stalls, call to speak with one of our sales engineers. They can work with you to customize the interior stalls with framing, half walls or fully enclosed stalls. Design your building with confidence including full certification and engineer stamped drawings as necessary. We will ensure your project goals are met as well as your local building codes. Finally, as with all of our products, your custom building can be delivered and installed for free.

Choose From Multiple Styles

We are known for their wide range of styles and options, as well as the aesthetic beauty of the structures themselves. A traditionalist might be attracted to our economy priced County style, with its wide doors and stables suggesting the classic horse barn design. This is the most affordable style building we produce. Those who are more concerned with interior space, or perhaps simply prefer a more modern a-frame style roof, may prefer our Ridgeline style with its distinctive drop-side roof system. Finally, horse-owners who want the most durable, weather resistant, and a seamless a-frame style roof would do well to go with our elegant Valley design. This structure comes standard with a premium vertical style roof, designed to endure harsh weather conditions and to allow heavy rain and snow to quickly roll off the metal roof panels. The Valley design is particularly recommended to equestrians living in rainy or snowy conditions, as its unique design will shield everything inside the barn from all forms of precipitation. Select any of our quality pre-engineered buildings and you’ll receive free delivery and installation.

Elephant Structures also handles a variety of custom steel buildings, including our stylish and functional carports and garages. Our buildings have a wide variety of potential applications, including as storage buildings and sheds.

The Best Home for Your Horses by Elephant Barns      Customize it Now

Designing A New Barn

Whether you want to become an equestrian, or need more space for your current horses, the design and construction are critical when considering your budget. Fortunately, We are here to help: our custom metal buildings and beautiful steel barns are designed to fit your needs as a horse owner. We take pride in the diversity of options we can offer through our design, construction, and our willingness to work with our customers to create the custom steel frame building they’re dreaming of.

Barn Options

We don’t limit what you can do with your building. Create the perfect equestrian grooming, wash, and play areas to maximize the happiness of your equine family and your own convenience. We can build:

  • Any type of design style
  • Any size building you desire with very few limitations
  • Customizable stalls and partitioned interior
  • Bay areas for washing
  • Tack rooms and other storage facilities
  • Run-in shelters
  • Parking for cars, boats, and any other equipment

Barn Kit Buildings

Love to do it yourself (D.I.Y)? If you’re a hand-man or know a few, you can save 5% on the purchase price of your barn with a metal building kit. An Elephant Barn kit building can be manufacturing and delivered to your door or installation site quickly. Speak with a sales engineer to determine the exact timing and required turnaround time for your structure.

Steel Vs. Wood, What’s Best?

Steel barns are the way to go for your equestrian needs. Our products are cheaper, more reliable, durable, and just as aesthetically pleasing. A wooden barn will degrade over time, and is usually in need of upgrades to its structure after just five years. They are susceptible to termites, weather, and fire. A wooden structure just does not offer the premium protection a steel does. We know that your horses are extensions of your family. That’s why we offer to certify your barn to withstand strong winds and heavy snow. When it comes to the safety of your family, don’t spend more for less protection, get a metal barn that will last for generations. Call us today at (888) 743-8083, visit our online builder to get started, or get a custom quote!