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Barns And Pre-engineered Metal Buildings

Elephant Structures® Makes It Easy To Build Your Dream.

It’s easy to dream it, but we’ve made it easy to build it. Our pre-engineered buildings can be customized to your specifics. Custom sizes, widths, interior walls, stalls, windows, doors, and even utility sheds and lean-to’s. If you need great looking storage space you’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking for more, we can do that too, from RV carports to horse barns and riding arenas, we have you covered!

Have questions? We have answers. Our expert sales engineers can help you find the building that best suits your needs. We’re here to help you through the design process and to ensure the building that’s installed on your property, is the building you’ve been dreaming about. Not sure what the difference between a peak height, leg height, or wall height is? No problem. We can help you with everything you need to get the building that fits your needs, and exceeds your expectations.

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What Style Building Is Right For Me?

County Style

This economical regular style roof covers your barn with horizontal metal panels. The horizontal metal sheets lay front-to-back on this style roof opposed to running vertically from eave to the ridge cap on the peak like vertical roofing does. This roof is designed with rolling corders, this feature has a rounded appearance where the roof meets the side-walls.

Ridgeline Style

Our Ridgeline style building features an A-frame style roof with horizontal panels. This structure is complete with a boxed-eave trim package providing a traditional finished appearance. This style roof matches most homes with roofing eaves that stretch past the walls with sharp angles. The Ridgeline looks great with a tall center section with lean-to structures connecting on either side. This utilitarian design offers many uses by selecting open and closed wall construction creating both carport like and fully enclosed spaces as necessary.

Valley Style

The most weatherproof style structure is our Valley style building. This design includes a solid a-frame style roof that’s flush from the top ridge cap at the center peak all the way down to the exterior lean-to side walls. This building is designed to provide maximum coverage for both small and much larger structures. As with each barn structure, lean-to designs allow you ample room at economical prices. These structures can reach over 50′ wide or more with interior walls. The Valley, with vertical roofing, is recommended roof for any area with heavy rain and snow. The vertical roof panels are also recommended on any building over 36’ long to avoid seams that can be prone to leak after time. A waiver is required to build a structure over 36′ long with horizontal paneling, speak to a building specialist today for more details.