Its spring time, and that means rain storms, wind, and a good old-fashioned beat down from the elements on to you barn. The question is: can your barn handle it? Traditional wooden barns rot, warp, and weaken over time, especially as they are susceptible to termite and water damage. But if not a wooden barn, then where should you turn?

Elephant Structures at ElephantBarns.comThe Strength of an Elephant Barns Metal Barn is Unmatched!

An Elephant metal barn is made of the highest quality 12 or 14 gauge (your choice!) steel available. Because our steel is galvanized, you won’t have to worry about your structure rotting, warping, or weakening and you will never have water damage or termite problems again! We have twelve great color options to choose from (and you can mix-and-match your trim, walls, roof, and end-panel colors!) and a host of other customization options like gables, auger anchors, garage doors, windows, and more!

An Elephant metal barn is great for anything from storing agricultural equipment to housing livestock and other animals. Best of all, when you order a metal barn from Elephant Barns, the delivery and installation is absolutely free! No more slaving over a kit from a big box store; our team of professional installers will arrive at your installation site ready to go, and in most cases, have your metal barn up within the same day!

If you’re ready to place an order for your new metal barn, give us a call. 855-CAR-PORT will put you in touch with a customer service representative that is more than happy to help you design, build, price, and purchase your new metal barn. If you’ve already tried out our barn builder tool and have a buildID of the building you’re hoping to buy, even better! Just let them know the number and the buying process will be expedited!


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Elephant Structures provides real-time pricing on metal carports, metal garages, and metal barns through and Elephant's patent-pending BuildID system provides carport buyers with the ability to create, customize, and see exactly what they are buying. It's the easy way to buy a metal building...

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