Keep Your Barn Free of Unwanted Pests

So often we talk about reasons to get a barn or specific purposes that a barn could serve, but what if you already own a barn? Because they are outdoor structures, many people often assume there will be various bugs, mice, and other pests inhabiting their barns. While the fact that our barns are made of metal makes them natural deterrents to termites, there are countless other invasive pests that could make your barn their home. This does not have to be the case, as there are many potential solution to this problem!

One obvious solution would be to get a barn cat. Cats are born hunters, and the more feral the cat, the more stealthy and effective its hunting will be. Most animal shelters will give feral cats away to barn owners for free (check with your local shelter for area-specific policies), so this is certainly a cost-effective and low-maintenance way to keep the pests out.

If you have an open-air barn, or a barn where the doors are consistently left open or non-existent, consider using mothballs as a pest preventive. Mothballs deter more than just moths! They will keep bugs of all types out of your barn, and they work on mice, rats and other small pests as well! Warning: do not use them in a constantly enclosed barn as the fumes from the mothballs can cause sickness and lingering odors are incredibly unpleasant.

If you *don’t* already own a barn, what are you waiting for?! Give one of our metal structures experts a toll-free call at (855) CAR-PORT and they’ll be happy to help you design a custom barn to meet your specific needs! Don’t forget to like us on Facebook for more information, stories, and tips just like these!


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