Ahorse barn has a pretty obvious function: shelter horses, horse food, or other horse accessories. For such a self-explanatory building title, you’d think that the building itself would be pretty self-explanatory too, right? Wrong. A horse barn is an important structure for any horse owner and should be built to custom specifications, every time. There are a host of options that may be chosen depending on the amount of storage space/animal living space/open space that is desired, and it is really up to you, as the future horse barn owner, to do a needs-assessment to figure out what it is you really want.

Horse Barn by Elephant Barns

Make Your Horse Barn Your Own

How many stalls are you going to need? What sorts of doors or frame-outs (door shapes cut into the wall with no physical moving door) are you interested in getting? Are you going to want windows, a different roof-style, auger anchors, or extras like that? Do you need space for a utility closet, or are you going to store your horse gear out in the open space of your horse barn? Be sure to find out if you need a permit to build in your area, because you will need to purchase a certified structure if that is the case.

We offer a choice of 12 mix-and-match colors for you to choose for your horse barn. Don’t be afraid to customize to your liking! We have had all sorts of combinations of colors; customers have chosen red, white and blue barns in a tribute to America, the colors of their favorite sports teams, or colors that go well with the landscape in their area.

If you need help choosing horse barn options, or if you’re ready to receive your free quote on a personalized steel structure, give us a call at 855-CAR-PORT. We’re excited to help you build the newest addition to your property!


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