One of the great things about ordering a barn from Elephant Structures is the amount of customization that is available to you during the buying process. Not only do we have pre-designed options available for each of our three barn styles (County, Ridgeline, and Valley), but we also allow you to stray from those pre-made options and pick out those little details that are necessary to meet your exact needs. When you’re shopping around for barns, make sure to ask if these customization options are available and at what price.


Ridgeline Horse Barn

Whether you’re interested in matching your barn to your home, an existing structure (like a carport or garage), or just looking to brighten up your property, our range of 12 colors can suit most any need. You also have the option of choosing different colors for roof, trim, and walls, so the possibilities for color-customization are vast.


The size of your barn is one of the most important customization options in the buying process. You have a certain amount of space available for your barn, and you probably have specific things that have to fit inside your barn, so measurements are crucial. Width, length and height are all able to be customized to fit your needs, so be sure to have those figures (or approximations) in mind when you’re placing your order or speaking with one of our representatives.


Are you looking to have an open or closed structure? Using our barn builder, your wall options and placements are completely up to you. We offer full walls, half-walls or no walls, as well as the ability to mix and match. We also offer a choice of vertical or horizontal siding orientation, so be sure to think about what would look or function best in your situation.

Other Options

There are lots of other options available to you as well. Are you interested in windows? If so, how many would you like? We have the ability to install walk-in doors, garage doors (both manual and electric) as well as frame-outs if you’re more interested in an open-air barn. Do you need a permit for your structure? If so, we have the option of upgrading to a 12-gauge certified structure (our barns typically come standard with a 14-gauge frame). We also recommend having auger anchors installed if you are installing your barn on dirt, ground or gravel, but the choice is up to you!

Whatever you’re looking for, Elephant Structures has a steel building option to meet your need. All of our structures come with free delivery and installation, although we do have a self-installation option available. You can get started building your barn, or you can give us a toll-free call at 855-CAR-PORT if you’d prefer to speak directly with one of our metal building experts. We’re happy to help you design your ideal barn or other steel structure in any way we can!


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