Barn roof selection may seem like a small and potentially thoughtless process, but that really shouldn’t be the case! A barn roof serves a very important purpose, in that it is the primary shield between the elements and the contents of your barn or other steel building.

Vertical Barn Roof from Elephant Barns

The picture above features a vertical barn roof by Elephant Barns.

Elephant Structures and Elephant Barns offer three distinctively different barn roof styles to meet the needs and specifications of our customers.

Regular Roof: Our regular barn roof features horizontal panels which run from front to back. Because this roof style does not have very construction, it is our most affordable choice. As an aside, we recommend that buildings longer than 36 feet upgrade to a vertical roof for increased durability.

Boxed-Eave/A-Frame Roof: The A-Frame style barn roof consists of horizontal panels that run from front-to-back as well as a boxed-eave trim which covers the interior eave-side of the truss for a finished look. This gives your metal barn sharper angles and a more aesthetically pleasing look.

Vertical Roof: The vertical barn roof is similar to the A-Frame style roof, but the vertical roof is our premium offering. The vertical option includes additional framing for added strength and durability. The roof panels are vertically oriented and run from the ridge cap (or peak) down to the eave-side. This is the best roof option that we offer as it allows snow, water, leaves, and other debris to easily run off of your building. The vertical roof is recommended on all metal barns that have excessive snow load requirements and especially on buildings over 36’ long.

For more information on barn roof selection, the types of roofs listed, or other barn features, give one of our metal shelters experts a call at 855-CAR-PORT. We’d be happy to talk you through all your options or place your order for you if you’re ready!


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