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Seneca Barn Kit by Elephant Barns

Barn kit packages are a great option for individuals that are interested in purchasing a quality steel barn, but also have the drive and desire to assemble it themselves. We get it, there’s nothing like a job well done. Lots of people have properties where they’ve built every building out there, and that’s a source of pride for them. A barn kit offers the best of both worlds, ensuring that the materials you’re buying are of the highest quality, but also allowing you the freedom to put it together yourself (or not! Our kits are sold with free delivery and installation if you want it!).

Buy a barn kit from Elephant Barns!

There are all kinds of things that you can do with an Elephant Structures metal barn kit. From grain storage to livestock, from farm equipment to leisure space, an Elephant Barn is as versatile as it is strong. We have certified 12-gauge steel options, which are ultra durable and ready to stand up to wind rating or snow load requirements. With our assortment of 12 colors to mix and match, you’re sure to find a color or combination that works well for you!

If you’re considering buying a barn kit to install yourself, remember that there is a reason they’re sold with delivery and installation! All the screws, bolts, and tiny accessories do not always come with the kits, they are something that the installers usually have on hand to aid in the barn’s construction. You will need all your own tools, and you will need the know-how to get it standing on your own! If you still feel like a barn kit is the right option for you, that’s great! We sell every no-install barn kit at a discount of 5% from our normal barns since we do not have to send our installation crew out to you.

If you think a barn kit might be right for you, or if you’re interested in hearing more about some of our other great barns (which are always sold with a free delivery and installation option!), give us a call at 855-CAR-PORT.


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