How to Say Goodbye to Your Old Barn

Some of us are pretty sentimental. How can we so easily let go of the past? How do we say goodbye to something as dear to our hearts as an old wooden barn? More importantly, how do we make room in our hearts for a shiny new barn from Elephant Structures?

Phase 1: Collect…

Collect yourself. Try to remember: It’s the future that matters. Old, decrepit wooden barns are dangerous for you, your family, and your animals. They’re more vulnerable to water damage, they attract termites, and rusty nails and loose boards make them even more dangerous.

Phase 2: It’s up to you!

At this phase, you may wish to apologize to your barn for letting it go, but it’s important that each of you understand that this decision is better for you both. You don’t want your barn to end up looking like the one pictured above, do you? No, of course you don’t. Your barn would agree, and it would thank you.

Phase 3: Say “Goodbye”

If your old barn really loves you, it will let you go. It’s time to bring in the hot new barn from Elephant Structures. And what’s more, we can make it look very much like the old barn designs of the past!

Phase 4: Replace.

Now, no one likes to be replaced, but sometimes it just has to happen. Like Darrin from Bewitched, or any version of the Doctor…only this time, there won’t be any arguments as to whether the replacement is better than the original. Because this replacement is bound to be better. It’s made of metal. And it comes with the superior workmanship of Elephant Structures.

Old wooden barns are so 1900s. Hello, 21st century!

Old wooden barns are so 1900s. Hello, 21st century!


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Saying goodbye isn’t hard when you’re replacing your old barn with a fresh new metal barn from Elephant Structures! Check the links below to catch up with us in the world of social media.


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