White and Green Pole Barn

If you recall, a while back we wrote a blog on the definition of a pole barn and how a pole barn is different from our Elephant Barns (you can see that blog here). In case you’re not in the mood to follow the link, the blog basically states that a pole barn is usually made mostly of wood, is a permanent structure that can never be moved, and has the potential to rot, get termites, and not stand up to the same degree of weather that Elephant Barns are able to.

Pole Barn Problems are NOT Elephant Barn Problems!

Elephant Barns are made completely of galvanized steel and DO NOT get termites.

Because they’re made of steel, Elephant Barns DO NOT rot, warp, weaken, or split.

Elephant Barns are easy to change, customize, and change again. They are made-to-order structures that can be re-purposed if their original purpose ever no longer calls for their utilization.

Elephant Barns are movable! Unlike pole barn poles, which are stuck incredibly deep into the ground, Elephant Barn anchors are attached much closer to the surface and still provide just as much security against wind and other jarring forces.

If all these reasons aren’t enough to ditch your pole barn plans and go with an Elephant Barn, know that Elephant Barns offers free delivery and installation with every single purchase made. That means no truck rentals, trips to pick up your structure, or long hours labored in the hot sun to put your barn together. Our team of professionally trained installers will bring your barn to your property and install in your predetermined area; you don’t even have to be there if you don’t want to!

Give us a call at 855-CAR-PORT. After only a few minutes of talking to one of our incredibly KNOWLEDGEABLE, helpful metal shelters experts, you’ll be sold on the Elephant difference and ditch your plans for a pole barn (if you haven’t already!).


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