Having a metal garage can get overwhelming if you’re not the best at organizing. What once started as a well-intentioned creation of space to park your car can easily become an overflowing area, filled to the top with boxes, tools, and last month’s garage sale leftovers.

Metal Garage by Elephant BarnsGet Your Metal Garage Organized!

Start by emptying your steel garage out completely. This may seem like you’re making even more of a mess, but this way you can see exactly what you have and can determine what belongs in your garage and what does not. Make a list of things that you want to store there (i.e. car,  tools, lawnmower) and stick to it! Anything that does not belong needs to find another home ASAP. You should also consider donating things that you don’t need or use anymore (chances are if you’re just stuffing it into your metal garage, it’s probably not top of your “important things” list…).

Before you put anything back into your metal garage, decide if there are any organizational fixtures that you might want to install (a pegboard for tools and small garage accessories, a workbench with drawers and work space, etc). Sometimes just having the tools for organization is enough to get someone excited about keeping their space neat.

Finally, go ahead and put everything back into its place in your metal garage. If everything still doesn’t have a place, or if you are still feeling as though your space is over-crowded, repeat this process. Consider putting things in other places (attics, sheds, utility closets, etc.) Stick to your list of things that will and won’t go in the garage, and you should be enjoying your clutter-free find-it-when-you-need-it space in no time.

If you don’t have a metal garage yet, give the metal shelters experts at Elephant Structures a call! A toll-free call to 855-CAR-PORT will get you a professional, informative conversation and quote on the metal garage or other steel structure of your dreams!


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