Metal Barns Could Have Prevented 5,000 Pigs Being Burned

Canada’s Terrible Barn Fire

The cause of the barn fire in Canada’s Saskatchewan has yet to be determined, but officials are deeming the fire suspicious and are continuing investigations. Livestock has seen rising and falling costs recently due to feed fluctuating in price as well as supply and demand in end product suffer the same ephemerality. The cost of raising one infant pig averages around $400, and that’s not maintaining the increased food demands on into adulthood. With the loss of 5,000 pigs, the cost is well above $2,000,000. A wooden barn may be a cheap and efficient initial investment for raising livestock, but a metal barn can be almost the same amount or cost even less with far less opportunities to lose capital. It’s terrible what happened to all the livestock at the saskatchewan farm and the farmer involved, but this could have been easily avoided with a barn from Elephant Barns. We offer highly customizable buildings that can easily fit 5,000 pigs in a comfortable environment with room for feed and water. Livestock also delivers higher yields and better quality of product when it lives in a comfortable and safe environment. Wooden barns have a much shorter lifespan than our metal barns which can come with a 35 year rust warranty. Also, if you purchase from us we can send out a crew to add on to your building if your needs for shelter grow. Metal barns also make for a highly effective method for storing farm equpiment. If you process the meat from your livestock on site than a metal barn can be a great affordable way to house your process.

Our Metal Barns Prevent Barn Fires

Our barns come in three different styles. Regular, which has rounded eaves and a 3′ drop from base structure to lean-to’s. Each barn by default comes with two lean-tos that are completely customizable as well. You can section your lean-to’s off with end walls inside in order to make sectional housing for your livestock. The Boxed Eave Ridgeline Barn has boxed eaves and panels that follow the 5′ drop from base structure to lean-to’s. This space can be transformed with a little home ingenuity into an attic space for feed and other equipment. The valley barn is our most premium option has the greatest roof support and is our most purchased building. It has vertical paneling to better guide the rain as well as a 3′ drop from base structure to lean-to’s. If you live in a place with severe winds the barns we have can be commercially certified in order better combat the elements and make sure your livestock has a place to stay after the storm. There are a ton of customization options from end walls to colors of trim, and everything is interchangable. You can get horizontal or vertical paneling on each wall that you choose, and if you need to only protect your livestock from the sun on certain sides in case your orientate your building to thwart the heat. Call in today for a free consultation from one of our barn experts, they can help you get whatever you need and if you’re unsure about how large your building needs to be our experts can help you find out.


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