How To Choose An Installation Site For Your Metal Barn

Taking the time to figure out what barn you need is the first step, but knowing where the barn is going to go is just as important. You have to know where the barn will be able to settle the best on the ground, and take in to account many different variables such as the location of the barns in regards to your livestock, exposure to the sun, and rain flow. It’s a waste of money to place a barn in an area where it will have to be built again in a few years due to improper placement.


Take some photos of your desired area after some heavy rain, you’ll be able to see which areas the drainage leads to. If you know your area well, think about where your irrigation leads and flows, and what happens if you have more water in your area than planned. If the area you had planned is muddy or flooded after a rainy day or improper irrigation is used than you’ll have to look for another area to place your barn. It’s also helpful to go out onto your location and walk with rain boots in order to test the malleability of the soil. If an area has a poor absorption rate than it may have overly soft soil for days afterwords. If you place your barn in an area with too much moisture in the ground or poor drainage you can corrode the metal of your barn and it’s supports which can in time need replacing as well as possibly jeopardizing your livestock and produce.

An obvious solution for your barn placement area is a spot with high ground and good solid soil that’s been compacted over a long period of time. You don’t necessarily want to choose the spot that has the highest elevation, this leaves your barn susceptible to high winds. If your area is extremely susceptible to high winds than you should consider a metal barn that is certified. Our barns can be rated against wind speeds, and common wind speeds for your area can be found in weather reports online, or the almanac if you’re partial to print.

The first priority as to make sure your barn is in a location that is protected from the elements as best as possible, but if it can be done it’s important to have your convenience in mind. You’ll get the most out of your barn if it’s near a location with easy access from the road or whatever paths you use to navigate your fields. If you’re sending your animals to the pasture often you also want to give them easy access. If a storm rolls through and it’s difficult for them to be corralled into the barn then it will in time be detrimental to your livestock due to escapes and endangerment due to fear. It’s important to also keep access to your utilities in mind when selecting your location.  If you intend to power your barn, run water for livestock, and perform some workshop chores inside than running a line far from the house is dangerous, and expensive. The closer you can get your barn to the power lines the better off you will be in the long run.


It is unfortunate, but you must also take into account that valuable farm equipment is sometimes stolen. Make sure to have your barn in a location that is secluded from the road and also visible from your house. You can also take into consideration a safe room to house some of your more expensive equipment and a place to hid some of your livestock in the case that you live in an area frequently visited by tornadoes. Choosing the right location for your customized barn is just as important as purchasing the right style of barn for your needs. Elephant Barns offers top of the line metal barns with the strongest bracing in the business. These are highly customizable structures with an almost infinite range of uses. Other manufacturers will undercut prices by selling you what appears to be a structure like any other. What they aren’t telling you is they are neglecting to provide adequate bracing in order to withstand snow loads and debris from storms. If you just google search “collapsed metal barns” you will see exactly what we mean. Our metal barns are made to protect your investments, not to take your money. We work tirelessly to engineer the best, most affordable, strongest structures in the business that can withstand hail, severe weather and snow storms. Call now for a free consultation and ask about our certified carports with wind speed and snow load specifications.


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