At Elephant Structures, we have a number of customer calls per day looking to “buy a metal building.” Well, there are a number of different building styles to meet the needs and expectations of every buyer. To start, let’s take a look at Elephant Structures’ offers metal structures online from 10′ wide to 30′ wide and up to 51′ long with a 12′ side leg height. Many customers purchase carports or metal covers and add 1/2 sides for added protection from the sun and various weather conditions throughout the United States. A metal carport may also be fully-enclosed and transformed into an attractive garage with walk-in doors, windows, and various roll-up garage door sizes. You may purchase up to a 10′ x 10′ garage door online; however, Elephant Structures offers many custom sizes or even frame-outs if you wish to add your own garage door to match your existing home. takes and expands its offering including up to 99′ long and 14′ side leg heights. In addition to purchasing carport covers, carports, metal garages, and steel sheds online, Elephant Structures accepts corporate purchase orders through this site. Many corporate buyers trust the open pricing and ability to place an order without jumping through hoops. If you are looking for covers to protect employees from the rain or snow, or need a building to store excess inventory and raw materials, Elephant has the building to meet your budget. focuses on agricultural buildings and offers metal barns that are virtually maintenance-free. A metal barn gives the appearance of a traditional horse barn but at a fraction of the cost. Check out Elephant Barns for a quick price quote. Elephant offers barns up to 54′ wide and 151′ long with 14′ side leg heights to fit large tractors and farm equipment.

In all cases, Elephant Structures has the ability to price, deliver, and install buildings up to 100′ clearspan and as long as your budget takes you. Elephant prides itself on providing customers with instant quotes and great customer service. If you have any questions or wish to talk to a sales representative to learn more, please give us a call at (855) CAR-PORT, (855) 227-7678, or (336) 793-8337.

The team at Elephant Structures looks forward to having you as a customer. ALL PRICES INCLUDE FREE DELIVERY AND FREE INSTALLATION OF YOUR METAL BUILDING.


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Elephant Structures provides real-time pricing on metal carports, metal garages, and metal barns through and Elephant's patent-pending BuildID system provides carport buyers with the ability to create, customize, and see exactly what they are buying. It's the easy way to buy a metal building...

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