Elephant Barns Estimate

How to get an Estimate on a New Barn

Elephant Barns Estimate

This Elephant Barns tutorial will show you the way to a quick and easy quote estimate on a custom barn of your design!

Our quote system is a new and unique way to quote customers with their barn designs. It’s so new that it seems to be causing some confusion among customers.

We’ve laid out a tutorial to walk you through the process of building a barn with our online BuildID system. After following through with the simple steps below,  you’ll be read to build a barn of any size, shape, color, and function that you desire.

Before we get started, head online to our custom barn quote site and familiarize yourself with the layout of the screen. Today we’ll design a barn based on the photo of the handsome steel building pictured above. Copying this barn design will give you a feel for how to translate the virtual model you see on screen into the barn that you want to see in real life.

Everyone ready? Class is now in session!

Elephant Barns Estimate Tutorial- How to Get an Instant Quote on a Custom Barn Design

Metal Building Configurator for Zip Codes

1). Right when you arrive to our barn building site, a box will pop up to ask you your zip code. Don’t worry, this isn’t a security breach. Since all our metal buildings are packaged and shipped from our factory in North Carolina, we need to know the region you live in to calculate your price. As soon as you put in your zip code, the budget calculator will instantly update and show you the base price of your structure as it is,  with only a roof and four sets of support beams.

Select from three metal building styles.

2). Now that your zip code is in, it’s time to pick a roof style. You have three choices, the County style, the Ridgeline style, or the Valley style. Check out our blog or our homepage for information about barn roof styles. Click on the one that you want, and see the virtual model on your screen instantly update. Look out the window and imagine how good it’ll look out there on the hillside.

Elephant barns instant Quote Tutorial

3). In this next step,  you’ll choose the basis of your color scheme! Select one of a dozen color choices for your roof and then choose another for your trimming. Watch your virtual barn update with your choices – pretty cool, right?!  On this page, you’ll also have the option of strengthening your structure by upgrading from 14 gauge steel to thicker 12 gauge steel. Next, you’ll be able to upgrade to a certified structure, which will ensure that it meets or exceeds any states’ building requirements.  Notice that your elephant barns price estimate instantly updates in the top left of the screen as you toggle your preferences on and off. Isn’t that convenient!

Elephant Barns Estimate

4). In this next step, you’ll be able to choose the dimensions of your building. Raise the roof of your metal barn to fit an RV, or elongate the entire structure to cover a whole herd of cattle during a rainstorm. Customize your dimensions to your needs by clicking left and right underneath the width, length, and height of your center section in Ft. The program will automatically adjust the left and right tiers for structural and geometric stability.

Custom Barn Walls Erection

5). Now it’s time to build up your walls, put in your doors and windows, and to see the barn of your dreams rendered in its complete form onscreen. See the grey box made of dashed lines and white pins? This box represents a birds eye view of your barn’s walls. To start filling out the barn walls, click on one of the grey dashes. Selected the dash that represents the center back wall of your barn if you were looking at the building from above. To the right of the rectangle, you’ll see that you’re given three options for the space you’ve selected- open, closed, or gabled. Toggle the center button, closed, and see the back of your virtual barn solidify into a white wall! Next, choose the exterior color you want from the list below. Repeat this step for each one of the exterior panels.

Custom Barn Estimate

6). Now that all the exterior walls are filled in with red steel panels, it’s time to put in windows, doors, and open frame-outs. Click on the wall which you’d like to turn into a door, window, garage or open frameout. Choose from the many options at the bottom of the screen.  Click on the wall which you’d like to turn into a door, window, garage or open frameout. Choose from the many options at the bottom of the screen. If you’re building a garage door, make sure to check the size of the vehicle that you’d like to park!

Barn Estimate

7). Let’s add a door to the right-most tier by repeating the same procedure we used in step 6. Click on the wall in the diagram and toggle the picture of the door. You’ll see a door, as well as your Elephant Barns estimate, update instantly on screen. Complete the same process with the left tier to insert a window, which will match your virtual barn exactly to the barn pictured in the photo at the front of this article.

Barn Quote Estimate

8). We’re almost to the final step, and so it’s time to make few choices to make about the delivery process. You’re faced with the choice of choosing to self-install your structure or to have our expert delivery crew come out to your home and install it for you at no extra cost. You’ll also have the option of putting in auger anchors, which provide extra stability when lodging into dirt, ground, or gravel. These anchors also help out in windy or stormy areas, ensuring that your barn will stand strong for decades to come.

Elephant Barns Estimate

9). Well done! You’re on to the final Review. The dimensions of your barn are laid out clearly before you in the table with the height, length, width, and floor area. If all of your dimensions are satisfactory and the virtual barn you see on screen has all the features you will need, you’re ready to put in your payment information and order! If the price you see in the top right fits your budget and you’re comfortable with the 10% online deposit you’ll pay when you place your order, go ahead and click the “BUY NOW” button! Remember if the price or design doesn’t meet your standards, you can always go back tot he previous steps and customize your order. You have control over what you want to pay, and what you want your barn to look like.


Say Hi, Barny!

Et Voila! Your design is finished! You’ve earned your Elephant architecture degree, and you’re free to make as many more barn models as you like. Remember, if you ever do need help while you’re online, building a virtual model, look to “Barny” the Resident Elephant Design Assistant who will offer you tips in the bottom left side of your screen.

And of course, if you still don’t feel comfortable using a computer to generate a quote, there’s no need to be embarrassed. Our sales representatives are happy to assist you in person with whatever questions you may have. Simply call us!

Elephant Structures is an American company that manufactures, delivers, and assembles custom barns in backyards all across the USA. Whether you want to order a barn, a shed, a carport, a new garage, you’ll have complete control over its design and price.  Take the reins and construct your Elephant Barns Estimate to meet your budget and design specifications. To learn more about our company, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. We’re always happy to hear from fans and inquirers!



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