5 Ways to Love Your Barn to the Fullest

Your metal barn will feature a center section and two lean-tos – that’s three spaces you can combine into a large, spacious room, or separate into three individual spaces. It’s bigger than your basic carport and garage, and none of these are your basic storage spaces.

We’ve always encouraged creativity in our customers. We’re usually talking about our patent-pending Build ID system, where you can design your own barn. There’s nothing better than having us install a barn you’ve designed yourself. If that’s not reason enough to love your barn, below we’ve got a few ways for you to use your barn and love it to the fullest.

  • Store equipment

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Metal barns make great equipment storage!

Most of us use equipment to keep nature in check. We manipulate it so we can grow our crops, flowers, cattle, etc. It’s nice having a trim lawn so you don’t trip over a mess of weeds. These things require equipment – but if you don’t store this equipment properly, then nature will try to fight back. Nature can be a destructive force, and you need the best defense against storms, not to mention theft or vandalism. Equipment storage is one of the best uses for a metal barn.

  • Pursue a project

You’ve designed your barn, you’ve got your equipment safely stowed away, but the DIY attitude is still scratching at your mind. There still might be room in your barn to build something! You can build a crib, a dollhouse, a doghouse – anything your heart desires. In a decorating mood? Amateur woodworkers can use reclaimed wood from old pallets or even the old wooden barn you tore down to make room for your new metal barn!
You can even use the room for other hobbies, like bookbinding, leatherworking, beer brewing, or joining a community of HAM radio operators. Now that you’ve got a secure space, you could do all these things, and more!

  • Shelter animals

There are few things more fulfilling than sheltering an animal. Whether you have chickens, horses, or any other farm animals – our barns make the perfect protection from the sun, rain, wind, and snow. The summer months are coming fast and you need a way to keep your animals cool. When your animals aren’t happy, you aren’t happy, and animals love the shelter of our metal barns.

  • Set up a family activity area

You have a busy life, but you understand the importance of family activities. Whether you play board games or participate in arts and crafts, you need the space to do it. Your new metal barn is a great place to have family activities. It’s more adventurous than playing board games on the coffee table – you could have a picnic and build model airplanes without the distraction of television. Make some cherished memories with the seclusion of a metal barn.

  • Restore a car

You’ll love the shelter and protection of your metal barn when you use it to restore a classic car. Whether you intend to get your new baby on the road, or sell it to a classic car enthusiast, your productivity will be higher than ever before. You’ll love the shelter and space provided by your metal barn.

Restore your classic car!

Restore your classic car!

There are countless ways to get the most out of your barn. Each of you may find different ways to love your barn, and the versatility of our barns means you can take advantage of them in every way.


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