Custom Metal Buildings

We Provide High Quality Custom Metal Buildings!

Elephant Barns can bring to life custom metal buildings with the most affordable and most durable designs. With these structures, there is the ability to keep storage space from breaking the bank while also allowing for ample storage of any item, large or small. These steel structures can be manufactured quickly to the specifications and desires of each customer. While each building is different, they all have a common purpose. These buildings are an attractive storage solution that help keep personal property and business investments protected, and provide extra space for work, play, and life.

Custom Steel Buildings

With the construction of a new custom steel building, every customer also receives free delivery and installation. This is very important for the customer who knows what they want but may not have the time or the desire to build the structure themselves. Our free installation also allows our customers to ensure their new building meets all certification requirements and municipal building codes as the building construction specifications may require.

Professional barn and building design and installation from Elephant Barns brings custom steel buildings to every customer. These structures might serve as a new one car, two car, or even a three car garage. They can also be designed and utilized as a metal barn for animal shelters, large storage space for equipment, or to store machinery inside a secure space.

What Side Height Should I Order?

When placing your order, you should identify the height as the lowest point of the roof near the side walls. If you need clearances for recreational vehicles, cars, boats or other equipment you might store in your structure, please verify that requirement before ordering.


Custom Steel Frame Buildings

Custom steel frame buildings help ensure the customer receives an extremely strong building that is going to meet their desired strength, durability, and visual design aesthetics. Our steel frames feature a unique zinc coating that will stand up to harsh weather conditions, and can be certified to protect the structure from heavy winds and snow loads that may be of concern where you live. Our customers can ask for a specific design they like, and our sales engineer can help them customize the steel framing and the entire building to the customer’s exact needs.

While some of these structures may become garages, the building can be built to have as many garage doors and as much space as needed. This space is designed to set away from the home as a separate unit, if you have other requirements, please speak to one of our sales engineers about your construction project’s feasibility. If your building needs to be customized for commercial applications, please ask to speak with a commercial sales engineer as they are equipped to help meet the needs of your business and commercial construction specifications.

Custom buildings may be installed at a private airstrip as new airplane hangars, or a farm may need a new metal barn to store their tractors and various equipment. No matter how you use your building, working with Elephant Barns is a sound investment. The steel frame buildings we will build for our customers are durable and designed to last.

From the custom metal garage that will hold a lifetime’s worth of cars to the barn that will hold the family’s tractors and everything in between, these custom metal buildings are able to stand up to the harshest of conditions. They can be installed to the customer’s liking and are far less expensive than other construction options.

No family, farm or business needs to go broke getting new buildings erected. Elephant Barns can put up a custom space with a steel frame that meets all of the customer’s needs. All of this is done at a fair price, with free delivery and installation and the assurance that the structure will stand the test of time.


Building Photos!

We work to deliver the best quality metal barns, garages, and buildings in the industry. You’ll receive affordable prices, free delivery and free installation with your purchase!

County Style Barn


Check out the detail on Elephant’s County barn. Remember, all barns may be fully-enclosed with garages, windows and walk-in doors.

Ridgeline Style Barn


Make a statement with a Ridgeline metal building. Custom colors and trim to match the roof and exterior of your home.

A-Frame Metal Roof


Our boxed-eave A-Frame roof is available on our Ridgeline barn.

Triple Wide Ceiling


Large structures with clear-span widths 25 feet or more have additional center bracing.

Garage Interior Detail


All enclosed buildings have a white interiors. Insulation and optional accessories such as garage doors, access doors, and frame-outs make it very adaptable to your needs.

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Elephant Barns for All Your Needs

At Elephant Structures, our process is designed for you. We empower you by letting you design the perfect building through customization of a plethora of options. Then we do the rest! We’ll manufacture your purchase, then deliver and install it for free! As long as the installation site is ready, we’ll even have it built for you (weather permitting) within a day or two, maybe even a few hours! Fill out a custom quote form for pricing information, and a sales engineer will contact you shortly! Start creating your custom metal building today!