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Looking for a new storage building? Conveniently built on your property, metal and steel storage buildings will provide the best solution to your storage needs. Metal structures like barns, storage sheds, and machinery sheds are maintenance-free practical structures that have the look and feel of traditional barns, an appearance you will be proud to show off. Our metal and steel storage buildings provide extremely strong structural performance along with a high level of finished detail.  The innovative bracing in our structures provide for wide-open spans, further adding value to the storage space. These structures are certified to withstand high winds and snow loads, a feature you don’t want to be without.

Metal Storage Buildings

Metal storage buildings save you money. By buying metal, you get an immediate 20 to 40 percent discount over a similar structure built from wood. Get more structural integrity per dollar by choosing a metal storage building. Metal structures are stronger and have more longevity than wooden structures. As you get more and more value out of your structure,  the big savings you received with your initial purchase keep piling up in your wallet. Termites, carpenter ants and other wood-boring insects have no interest in metal structures. Your metal building won’t be buggy when it turns 50 years old, while a wooden structure may not even be standing. Such durability ensures that the small investment you make today will pay you back over the course of your metal structure’s life.

We guarantee our product. Metal buildings are tough and few if any problems or defects in the manufacture ever show up. We monitor our production process to put confidence in our product. We stand behind our buildings so that you can put your trust in them too. Metal buildings don’t blow over or collapse with the first snowfall. Along with structural integrity, we offer a big array of styles and colors. On our website, you can build a barn yourself, choosing your color shell, doors and trim, as well as the style.

You can choose from many styles of metal structures at Elephant Barns. These aesthetically attractive buildings reflect your pride in ownership. It begins with a traditional rounded barn roof, but many styles and colors of metal siding, trim levels, windows and doors are available. Our traditional grambel roof profile provides excellent drainage of snow or rainwater and opens up the spacious storage area for large and tall machinery. Barn profiles come in A-frame, grambel and Quaker styles. All three styles utilize spanning materials to increase overhead storage space.

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Elephant Barns is a premium provider and expert manufacturer of steel buildings. If you’re interested in a metal storage building from Elephant Barns for your home, business, or commercial enterprise, please contact us!

Steel Storage Buildings

The structures at Elephant Barn are made of steel, offering tremendous strength and stability. Legs other steel components of our structures come in galvanized and double galvanized 14 and 12-gauge steel.

A-frame designs are popular choices for customers in need of a private storage space. An A-frame roof may look like an ordinary gabled roof, but a look inside quickly reveals that the entire support system runs on steel spans that require only corner supports. Like all our models, the pitched roof provides plenty of slopes for proper drainage. For this reason, A-frames are also a popular choice for utility buildings. When you need three uniformly large doors abreast the building, this model works the best. The metal roofing is available in vertical runs to increase runoff.

Vertical run roofs make run off easier to handle, offering a superior drainage system. Steel buildings are attractive, utilitarian structures having many applications. With options like double galvanized steel leg support, you can use steel structures for almost anything. Your property’s landscape improves with the presence of a new metal structure. Steel buildings are strong, reliable and attractive.

Depending on the gauge of the steel structural parts, these buildings make great carports and garages. Anchor your structure to the ground with lag bolts for wood, screws for concrete, and rebar anchors for earth. With roll-up garage doors, service doors, and windows, you’ll have a modern, good-looking and convenient storage structure available right on your property.  Regardless of your storage needs, Elephant Barns has the options you are looking for.