Steel Buildings

Elephant Barns’ Steel Buildings are in High Demand!

Steel buildings are quickly becoming a popular choice not only for farmers, but for small industrial companies looking to expand their business and even for homeowners looking for an alternative to an attached garage. Steel buildings by Elephant Barns are in particularly high demand, as they come with free delivery and installation. Built from a strong suite of pre-designed options, our buildings are completely customizable. For the DIY-minded individual, we also offer kits that can be anchored into the ground and assembled into a personal carport. Whatever your steel frame building needs, choose our company. We know the business and the tools of success.

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Our experienced building advisors are ready to assist you with your unique project requirements. From a carport, to a garage, to a 60′ wide clear-span metal building, an Elephant Structures advisor can deliver your needs and exceed your expectations.

Steel Frame Buildings

Our company offers several different types of steel frame buildings, which vary in style and roof design to meet the needs of clients all across the USA. Our County Barn, which is perfect for housing horses, is one of the most affordable around. It offers aesthetically pleasing rounded edges that stand up against a minimum 9′ interior leg height. It’s a minimum of 36′ in width, providing the perfect blueprint for a customer with limited space available. Another barn style that’s gained in popularity over the years is the Ridgeline design. This building has an angle roofed style along with a 10′ interior leg height, perfect for protecting larger pieces of equipment. Our largest and most sturdy design, the Valley barn, hoists an A-frame roof. The Valley roof style specializes in water dispersal and proper drainage for the especially rainy parts of the country. It’s our strongest barn design yet.

In addition to our various styles of barns and multitude of custom features, Elephant Barns also offers metal carports and metal garages. Built with 12 and 14 gauge steel, these carports and garages are designed to hold out against the elements. Whether you’re in need of a good barn, a carport for your prized vehicles, or a spare garage to work or set up a hobby in, count on Elephant Barns.

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We want to help you build the perfect steel building for your home, business, commercial entity, or agricultural endeavor! We are a nationally known brand for providing quality products at low prices accompanied by fantastic customer service. Feel free to contact us using this form, or call us at (888) 743-8083, to speak to a sales engineer about any questions or concerns you may have!

Custom Steel Frame Buildings

If you’re looking for custom a metal frame building, you need look no further for a unique, honest and budget-conscious barn buying experience. Our website offers an online builder that guides you through the design process of your very own custom structure. Call in or chat online with Elephant Barn’s sales engineers. Our experienced assistants will help you create a building that will meet both your financial and practical needs. Follow the lead of our sales assistants to adapt the barns and carports, pictured above, into custom fit structures that fit your circumstances, whatever your choice of color, strength, frame, or size.

Whenever you order from our company, you’ll be faced with the choice of several colors. In general, we find that customer’s aesthetics and color choices vary depending on the environment they live in. For example, the most popular frame color in dusty and muddy environments tends to be tan, while colors like blue and red provide a classic, regal look for customers with a manicured yard. We also provide options for customers to upgrade the strength of their structures by offering both 12 and 14 gauge steel. Upgraded buildings use 12 gauge steel, which is 30% thicker, and thus stronger, than 14 gauge steel, which is the standard for most of our buildings. If you need a building permit to go along with your barn, we offer certification for that meets both snow and wind conditions you might face in your area.

Not only will we customize buildings with the exact features that you need, but we’ll outfit the size that’s right for your property. Using our online builder, you can pick the width, height, and length of your structure with ease. We have a variety of garage door sizes, ranging from 6′ by 7′ to 10′ by 10′, and if desired, we can even just frame out a space for you want to install your own door. In addition to the open and gabled options we provide for garage doors, we let you space walk-in doors and aluminum windows along the walls of your structure using the online builder. Whatever your needs, we’re here to provide.