Prefab Steel Buildings

Low Cost, High Quality

Prefabricated steel buildings from Elephant Barns provide a fast, cost effective means to obtaining a high quality garage, barn or storage building on your residential or commercial property. People may think that prefabricated means a whole lot of bland designs that all look the same, but the truth about Elephant Barns is quite the contrary. Our online builder will help you customize a metal building kit to suit your unique requirements. Also, call in and describe your plans to one of our Sales Engineers to get exactly what you want.

Prefabricated Steel Buildings

A wide variety of custom options are offered for our prefabricated steel buildings. They include:

  • Side panels with a standard width of three feet and length or 21, 26, 31 and 36 feet. We can split the sizes into side panels if required. Side panels give extra strength to the structure and protect the items inside from severe weather conditions, while still letting in the open-air
  • Closed ends and sides may be added to any steel structure. Structures may have a single side closed, two, three, or even all sides closed. If the structure is completely enclosed, walk-in doors and windows may be installed on the ends or the sides.
  • Garage doors may be installed on a closed side of any structure, as long as the structure is large enough to support its weight. They can be made any size from six feet to 14 feet tall and are colored white. A Sales Engineer will help you select the right size of steel structure to support and fit the garage door you need.
  • Gable ends hide braces and frames to promote a consolidated, finished look in your barn. They also provide extra support and protection.

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Prefab Steel Buildings

You’ll benefit from the quick assembly time for prefab steel buildings, and you’ll save money on the building project. Our standard patterns are used to pre-cut your building material, so your custom tailored building kit arrives ready to install with quality you can rely on. We always offer free delivery and installation as well as free color upgrades. Elephant Barns also offers a range of structural styles, from a simple cover or carport to a fully-enclosed and insulated building. These designs can be used to store farm equipment or to stable your horses.

Give us a call at (888) 743-8083, and let one of our friendly team members walk you through the process of designing the perfect metal building!