Prefab Metal Buildings

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Over the last few years, the style and quality of prefabricated structures went through a dramatic makeover. Advances in production technology streamlined the process. Manufacturers are now able to produce consistent quality that customers can rely on, while also individually crafting products to customer’s specific needs. These improvements apply to commercial and residential modular homes as well as to outdoor storage options like detached garage units, carports and storage sheds. For a glimpse into some of the manufacturing practices and structural improvements that have revolutionized the construction and assembly of prefabricated structures, read on. These modern, unique production features make Elephant steel and metal building products.

Manufacturing Process for Prefabricated Metal Buildings

Today’s prefabricated metal buildings are built to exacting code standards like the ones for the International Organization for Standardization, the Underwriter’s Laboratory, and the American Society for Testing and Materials. Elements of these codes are built into the manufacturer’s design software so that each structure benefits from the key features of these quality standards. The days of prefabricated structure manufacturers producing only cookie cutter building designs are over. The same advancements in technology that have increased quality also serve to improve style options. Today’s manufacturers offer portfolios of popular options that the customer may simply modify to suit their personal needs and tastes. Other customers know just what they want and may communicate requirements to manufacturers that translate their desires into formal engineering specifications.

Upon documenting customer specifications, steel and metal building manufacturers produce realistic computerized models that show customers just how their design will look in its given space. Many manufacturers use interactive design tools that allow customers to see how changes to their original design will appear on certain structures. For instance, a customer may explore different color options, siding styles or roof pitches to obtain the right structure for their outdoor buildings. These tools not only make designing easier, but they allow sales engineers to help customers stay within their project budget. When a customer, their design team, and their sales engineers finalize the engineering plans, it takes very little time to fabricate the structure’s pieces. The prefabricated building panels are then shipped to the site for easy assembly.

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Types of Custom Metal and Steel Buildings Available from Elephant Barns

Elephant Barns is a comprehensive source of quality steel and metal structures, barns, garages, sheds and carports. One of the number one reasons that people choose steel building is for durability. Elephant Barns uses steel that is treated with a protective zinc coating that prevents rust; the resulting material is known as galvanized steel. Structures made from 12 gauge to 14 gauge galvanized steel get all the incredible strength of steel without the downside of rust through the natural oxidation process.

Residential customers typically purchase these structures for use on their small farms or homes, and the industrial and commercial applications of these customized, metal structures are nearly endless. Residential customers who choose prefab metal buildings may get coordinating barns, stables, garages or carports that enhance the other structures on the property. The sales engineers at Elephant help customers choose the right size, roof style and other options that meet their needs for both function and style. For customers who require building permits to place prefabricated metal buildings on their property, Elephant Barns provides certified structures along with engineering drawings for easy approval. Even structures that do not require a permit can be certified to your strength preferences, but standard non-certified structures will still include rebar anchors for reinforced stability.