Prefab Garages

Economical Prefabricated Buildings

No garage? Leaving your car or other important possessions exposed to the elements can have an adverse effect on them over the long-haul. Building a traditional garage can be extremely costly and time consuming, but that is no longer your only option. One of the most economical ways that you can provide the enclosure or shelter that you need for storing your car, golf clubs, tools, etc. is to install a prefabricated garage or carport.

Garage Kits

You also have the option of using Elephant Barns’ prefab garage kits. This would allow you to choose a kit that is pre-designed and scaled for specific situations. Find the scale that is right for you. Choosing a garage kit allows you to expedite the installment time. You are able to bypass the process that goes into customer design. There are a number of styles and sizes to choose from.

Another benefit associated with choosing a garage kit is the fact that the cost will be much more economical than a traditional garage. If it is simplicity that you are looking for, a building kit may be in order. Our kits can be ordered and installed within weeks in most situations, with exceptions being made for weather and other uncontrollable circumstances. Contact a building specialist today to discuss the estimated manufacturing and installation time in your location.

Metal Garages

Don’t be taken aback by the recollection of the old prefabricated buildings from decades ago. The garages of today, designed and constructed by Elephant Barns, are not only of the highest quality, but they also have exceptional aesthetic appeal. These structures will actually add value to your property. You will be able to erect a durable and dependable structure that will be highly practical in storing your vehicles and many other belongings at an extremely affordable price. This can be done in a matter of weeks instead of months in most cases, and you will have the luxury of designing a structure to suit your particular preferences and needs. Be it for a garage or even a metal barn.

You can design the frame, roofing, and trim to meet your needs and match your existing home or property. There are also many accessories you can choose to further customize the design and functionality of your building. With a barn kit, you can customize interior walls and partitions online, but you can also ass interior walls and add frame-outs to interior wall with a custom design created with one of our factory engineers who are ready to assist you anytime. If you are looking for a practical alternative to a traditional garage that will not put a strain on your budget, a prefabricated garage is definitely for you.

Want an Affordable Metal Garage?     Build it Now


Our qualified sales engineers would love to help you work on your project! If you want to speak to one of our staff about any questions, concerns, pricing, or general consulting, please call (888) 743-8083!

Elephant Barn® Garages

Prefabricated metal buildings are becoming more and more popular as viable and affordable options to traditional wood and brick structures. You can find prefab garages, barns, horse stables, car ports and more at a fraction of the cost that it would take to build a traditional structure. These buildings are very durable, constructed with various metal gauges dependent upon your needs, and certification if required for your local building code. Metal gauge refers to the thickness of the metallic material being used to build your structure. The lower the gauge number the thicker and stronger the metallic material used in building the structure.

You also have the option of purchasing a certified garage, which means that your structure will be certified that is has been designed and constructed to meet or exceed the wind and snow standards for your local area. Elephant Barns® can customize a building in most areas of the country including 48 states. Purchasing a certified prefabricated garage simply provides an added level of confidence that you can trust your car and other valuable possession inside the structure.

Elephant Barns also has an shopping tool that will allow you to fully customize your garage. Simply log on and click the Custom Design button, and you are on your way. If you are not up to designing your own, you can simply give the experts here at Elephant Barns a call and they’ll be happy to design the building to your needs.