Metal Building and Barn Kits

Customize Your Metal Building Kit

Metal building kits by Elephant Barns are durable and come with free delivery and installation. Our metal buildings are easy to build and come in many styles. Discover the many benefits of metal building kits from Elephant Barns. What sets our metal buildings apart is the ability to customize each building to your specific needs. Whether it’s a building for storage, metal barn, or a carport, we’ll work with you to find the size that fits your needs and style for your preferences and planned usage. You have a choice of building structures for a variety of residential and commercial uses. You have the option to customize your metal building kit online or you can give us a call to customize your building. Our engineers take the time to review your project’s parameters. We also make cost saving recommendations during the initial planning stage to find a solution that meets your structural needs while fitting within your budget. Our steel building structures include:

  • Garages
  • Barns
  • Storage facilities
  • Carports

Metal Barn Kits

Metal building kits from Elephant Barns have literally thousands of unique options and configurations selectable online. You’re sure to find the building for your intended purpose. You can achieve the design that will match your existing home or other buildings you may have on your property, and you’ll receive the benefits of a sturdy metal structure. There are starting size requirements for the different structures we offer our website configurator, but call to speak to a sales engineer for added customizations. We recommend that you plan ahead and select a size that will accommodate a garage door or walk-in door if you wish to enclose your structure later. We also have various accessories you need for your metal structure, color match screws, concrete anchors, auger anchors, and high wind anchors. Our barn, carport, and garage options include:

  • Gable ends
  • Side panels
  • Closed sides and ends
  • Garage doors
  • Walk-in doors and windows

Why Choose a Metal Building

Our metal barns can be transformed into a single vehicle cover or an entirely enclosed and insulated structure. Our metal structures have many uses, from tractor storage to horse stables. We make the selection process as convenient as possible with our exclusive BuildID™ system. Browse our metal building selection online or give us a call to discuss other customized options. The many benefits of opting for a metal structure include:

  • Increased durability
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Reduced material costs
  • Great wind, storm, and earthquake resistance
  • Appealing designs similar to traditional building designs

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Custom Metal Buildings

If you’re not sure what size to choose, get started by telling us how you place you utilize your structure. If, for instance, you want a carport, garage for your vehicles, or R.V. storage barn, let us know the dimensions and quantity of the vehicles you wish to store and we can offer suggestions. While a metal building must be placed on level ground, it’s not necessary to pour a foundation first. Many of our structures are perfectly fine directly on the ground. The appeal of our metal structures is the detail that goes into each design. We have trim detail that’s standard on our Valley Barn design and optional on our other structures. Every structure from Elephant has detailed finishing based on your specifications and related interior support. Larger structures need to have additional center bracing. Our engineers take great pride in the ability to customize your building to precise specifications while keeping costs reasonable.

Call today at (888) 743-8083 to customize your building. Our sales engineers are ready to provide durable structures for home and business use. What can we build for you today?