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Metal Garages With Free Delivery & Installation*

Our metal garage is the strongest, most reliable, and most durable structures on the market. Manufactured with powerful steel and the newest technology, we can build them for anyone, anywhere, and for any need. We can certify your steel garage to local building code with extra steel frame bracing and added high-wind anchors up to withstand 130 MPH winds and 30 Pounds per Square Foot of snow. To put that into perspective, that’s a category 3 or 4 hurricane. When you work with us, you don’t receive any old rickety building, you get a metal structure customized for you, by you, with the highest quality materials, and includes the best services in the industry. Customize your garage to fit one, two, three cars, or more!


One Car Garage

One Car Metal Garage
Our garage building is very versatile; it can be a small one car garage or a larger structure designed for a car and other uses increasing the value of your property. With garage door, walk-in door and window placements designed to fit your needs on both the end-walls or side-walls, our garages have limitless configurations. Mix and match your colors for trim, siding, and roofing panels to match your home or business. In this photograph, you’ll notice a garage door entry for vehicles, and a large storage or workshop area with two windows and a walk-in door.


Two Car Garage

Two Car Metal Garage

Two car garages are the perfect choice for most families. This garage features a light gray trim with black wall and a boxed eave horizontal black roof. It has two large garage doors and a windowed entry way door in the front center. This garage is perfect for multiple cars with the space for a little something extra like a nice motorcycle for your weekend adventures.

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Three Car Garage

Three Car Metal Garage

Customize your garage doors with dutch corners (45º angles) for a unique look. This three car garage building with red vertical side-walls and trim also features a dark gray vertical roof. Vertical style roofing if the premium choice for long lasting weather protection as rain, snow, and debris roll off easily, and there are no horizontal seams where moisture could follow. Include doors an windows on back or side walls for lighting and easy entry.[/su_column] [su_column size=”1/2″]

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Four Car Garage

Four Car Metal Garage

With our slate blue siding, this four door garage buildings stands tall. White trim highlights the a-frame boxed eave roof and door frames. All four doors are upgraded to custom doors with windows. This structure would be a great addition to any home with the need of more space for cars, work, or play. Need more workspace, and not as many garage doors? No problem, our sales engineers can customize your structure to your exact specification. Replace a roll-up door with a few windows or a walk-in access door, or you can leave it open with just a frame-out if you’d like. Remember, interior partition walls can also be added to divide your interior space to meet your needs. We even add a lean-to to one side or both for added storage space.

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*Free Installation is not available on on Kit Structures