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Metal Horse Barns


You Can Love Your Horse Barn And Your Horses!

Elephant Structures offers premium, customizable metal barns which will become the perfect home for your equine family. You may customize all aspects of your building in the design process. First, choose between different barn styles, namely, County, Ridgeline, and Valley, and then decide the size of the horse barn you’ll need in order to meet your specific needs. If you desire extra space to park a vehicle, a bay area to conveniently clean your horses, or a tack room for equestrian equipment storage, then we’ll design it to those specifications. The external size of the barn is only half of your sizing decisions; you’re going to need a customized interior as well. With Elephant Barns, you can customize your interior with stalls, partitions and run-in shelters, and then outfit them with your desired accessories and equipment. A metal horse barn is truly the only real option for your equine friends. A wooden barn needs constant repairs and is more susceptible to termites, weather damage, and fires. Metal is a material you can trust to keep them safe and happy, which, of course, makes you happy too.

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Metal Building Construction

  • Any type of barn style
  • Any size barn you desire with very few limitations
  • Customizable stalls and partitioned interior
  • Bay areas for washing
  • Tack rooms and other storage facilities
  • Run-in shelter protection
  • Parking for cars, boats, and any other equipment
  • Riding arena for ultimate play and exercise

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You Dream It, We Will Build It…

We don’t limit what you can do with your horse barn. Create the perfect equestrian living, grooming, riding, wash, and play areas to maximize the happiness of your equine family and your own convenience. Let your dreams run wild, our expert engineers can design it, and our installers can construct it, leaving you with years of enjoyment.

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