Wooden Barn Fires Ruin Communities, Change Lives Forever


Just recently, a barn fire in Massachusetts consumed 7,000 birds young turkeys, jeopardizing the entire livelihood of the owners. The owners have their farm in Lancaster, Massachusetts, and recently spoke to CNN about the tragic event. “We spend day in and day out feeding, watering, nurturing and growing these animals and to say we are jolted by the loss of so many lives is not enough.” The turkeys ranged from near infancy to three months old, and were being raised for the thanksgiving season, a huge part of the family’s income on the farm. The couple said that by the time they had seen the barn burning calling 911 did nothing to save the turkeys. The young turkeys required a lot of care to raise for the Thanksgiving season, ranging from heat and special feed, to physical attention on a daily basis. The total loss of an investment with no return has devastated the family more than they imagined possible, which includes the tragic death of 2,600 turkeys that hatched only days earlier. Susan Miller, an employee who runs the farm’s retail store was quoted “”I don’t know how we’ll recover. I don’t know what’s going to happen.” The area that burned was the size of a football fields, and went up in flames in minutes. Luckily, no one was harmed in the fire. The farm was started as far back as 1954.

This calls from memory a similar event that happened in Puslinch, Ontario. 43 horses were killed in a large barn fire. The monetary loss is crushingly significant, but it pales in comparison to the devastation the owners feel after losing their horses. A caretaker of the horses, Dan Lagace lost every horse that he cared for the fire, including several other he worked with less often. His words were poignant at the time, “It’s almost like losing a child. These horses, they’re every part of your life. On Christmas morning, when other people are opening gifts with their kids and stuff like that, we’re out at the farm making sure they’re taken care of first. On Sunday mornings when other people are sleeping in, we’re there too.” Truly, a tragic occurence, but it’s often that these things take place. These are only two of the most substantial barn fires this year. These two constitute monetary losses many of us can’t fathom, the horse barn fire coming in at a multimillion dollar loss. Not to mention the professional livelihood of many of the workers on the farm. The effects of events such as these reverberate for years through the lives of the community, effectively changing the narrative of an area sometimes for the worse. When jobs dry up, farms burn down, new companies find a way to bridge the gap and bring value to the community. Our thoughts go out to the people affected, and the animals as well. It’s truly a tragic scene to behold in every facet.

Metal Barns Won’t Burn

At Elephant Barns, we’ve been making metal structures for the past 37 years. We know what it takes to create a long-lasting company, and that’s a long lasting and reliable product. We chose metal barns at the inception of the company because wooden barns simply don’t take the damage that wooden barns do. We have built metal barns that have stood for years and years with just a little annual maintenance. We want to protect your livestock and your livelihood with our metal buildings, by giving you the structures you need to create the life you deserve. Our barns come in three styles.

Regular Roof

Our standard regular roof features horizontal panels which run from front-to-back. Because the regular roof style requires the least complicated construction, it is our most economical choice. It is important to note that we recommend that buildings longer than 36 feet should upgrade to a vertical roof.

Frame / Boxed-Eave Roof

The A-Frame style roof features horizontal panels which run from front-to-back and a boxed-eave trim covering the interior eave-side of the truss for a finished look. This gives your metal barn sharper angles.

Vertical Roof

While this is similar to the A-Frame style roof, the vertical roof is our premium offering and includes additional framing for added strength and durability. The roof panels are vertically oriented and run from the ridge cap (or peak) down to the eave-side. This is the best roof option that we offer as it allows snow, water, leaves, and other debris to easily run down and off of your building. The vertical roof is recommended on all metal barns that have excessive snow load requirements and especially on buildings over 36’ long.

Elephant Barns provides the best metal barns money can buy. The barns can be used for anything imaginable, from storing equipment, to parking your car, and even providing shelter for livestock. The Elephant Barn can do it all. With our one of a kind bracing system, our barns will withstand heavy snow loads and wreckage caused by storms. Others may offer you a lower price for their metal buildings, but their less than adequate bracing will not protect your building from these same conditions. Elephant Barns will provide the necessary protection for your valuables for a reasonable price. Make the call today and make a one-time purchase that will be worth every penny.


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