Wooden Barn Catches on Fire at a Dairy Farm

Unfortunately, a farm on the Jersey Shore has recently experienced an incident. This past week a ban went up in flames and completely burned away. Reports say currently all that stands where the wooden barns use to be are charred beams that used to be pillars, and the bits of metal that remain from ruined farm equipment. It’s a harrowing sight, and our thoughts and compassion go out to the Carson family that owns the farm. The Carson family is keeping a positive perspective however. They said in an interview shortly after the fire, “The silos all work. The cows are all okay. The milk barn is fine. The house is fine. The kittens are fine… we’re all fine, too. There’s a lot of positives here.” Other than the family, the only unfortunate being involved was a calf that died in the fire. The community has rallied together to assist the Carsons, “There are lots of wonderful people in this community. “I can’t believe it… all the people who turned up… running through the mud to help get the cows,” said Kim Carson, wife of Ben Carson. They were also fortunate that the fire did not strike their home, and expressed her gratitude to reporters on the scene from the local news, “I asked God to please not let the roof catch fire and burn our home. Just then it seemed the wind changed directions,”


The tragedy of the incident strikes deep in a quote by Mrs. Carson regarding the calf that died. “I tried to get the last one out… but it was too hot. I just couldn’t do anything.” It’s frustrating to know they were so close to saving all the animals, and the pain is apparent in what was said by Mrs. Carson. We talk to farmers all the time, and being based here in the mountains there are farmers everywhere nearby. It’s not unusual to hear a farmer go on at length after purchasing a building from us about how grateful they are their animals have a place to sleep and be safe. We understand that farms are expensive to keep up, but it’s imperative to include the budget for a metal barn. Cows deserve it, and often would benefit from a metal barn over a wooden barn.

Your Cows Will Love Metal Barns

When farming cattle, they require access to pastures and barns. When cows are kept in a barn, they need a comfortable place to lie down and protection from all weather conditions. They also need access to a well-balanced diet to produce better quality milk. When given the choice cows prefer both barn and pasture life. On warmer days they spend more time in the pasture, and once colder temperatures come around they prefer staying in the barn. With a metal barn, you can allow your livestock to have free range from barn to pasture. If you decide to insulate your metal barn, metal barns provide more warmth for your livestock than wooden barns. Metal barns require much less maintenance and will not catch on fire like a typical wooden barn. If for some reason you still use an oil lamp and you accidentally leave it in your barn at night, you won’t have to worry about your barn becoming engulfed in flames when one of your cows kicks the lamp over, or an electrical malfunction like in the story above. It is very important to provide free range from barn to pasture for your livestock, because studies have shown that free range can improve cow lameness. Steel is also a better material than would for many reasons. Steel is extremely light compared to it’s strength. It’s relatively the strongest lightest material to be used in construction. The lighter the construction doesn’t necessarily mean better, but with steel the lightness is a benefit. It’s strength and lack of mass allows the construction process to be simple and easy. Engineers enjoy maximizing this aspect of steel, because it’s integration is important in allowing strong construction with unique methods of artistic ability.

Commercial metal building with

Getting The Right Barn for Your Farm

Figuring out what barn you need can be difficult due to the immense range of options. If you’re having trouble, essentially you should determine what it’s used for. If your barn is for general use, that’s great! But sometimes we need barns for more specific uses, such as holding cow’s as livestock. When you know what the barn is for, you can more easily envision it. Determine where it’ll go. Of course, once you’ve designed the best barn for your needs, it’s much easier to use it if you have the space all picked out. Take a look at our three basic designs, and decide which one is best-suited for you! The best barns are custom barns. The online barn builder is a great way to visualize your barn before it’s even constructed.Call us! We have a friendly staff of barn experts who will be glad to answer any questions you have, and even design a barn according to your needs and specifications.

Elephant Barns is in the business of getting you the barns you need, and saving you money in the process. The Elephant philosophy is to give customers options. For example, we can help customers narrow down what they actually need after a consultation. Or, you can order by photo online, customize online, or fill out a full customization quote form to get an email consultation. Not only do we take pride in our products, our customer service is an extremely high priority. Every building advisor at Elephant will help you find your building with a free consultation at any time! Just call in to be connected directly to one of our industry leading professionals. Also, all of our buildings come with free installation and delivery, with variable reductions for DIY kits in case you want to install and construct the building yourself. Also, you can made additions to your building at any time after installation by ordering extra parts, lean-to’s or additional attachments/customizations. Call Elephant today, where we strive to bring you the best and prevent danger befalling your property and livestock every opportunity we can get.


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