Considering Wood Barns

Wood Barns vs Steel barns

Who says steel barns can’t look stylish on a hillside?

 There’s a good reason that steel barns are gaining in popularity on wood barns. Here’s why:


The cost of contracting a wooden structure can be a complicated arrangement to contract. Construction delays, management crises, and other obstacles often get in the way of these arrangements. Elephant steel structures, on the other hand, are incredibly easy to shop for and have reliable delivery dates.  We let you design your own barn online, with all the features, shapes, sizes, bells, and whistles that you could get on a wood barn, and more. We update the final price and the 10% down payment in real time on the side of the screen, showing a quote that includes free installation and delivery fees. You won’t pay any more for your custom steel structure than you see on screen, and all it takes to order is a click of a button.


Wood barns are made from a far lower density material than metal buildings. Wood is a porous material that’s susceptible to burrowing critters like termites, mold, wood rot, and water damage. While the lifespan of wood structures could be far longer without the damage of these foreign invaders, it takes maintenance and money to maintain the perfect health of your wood.  Steel structures are triple sealed to guarantee corrosion resistance for decades, are completely resistant to the damages of parasites, and

Not to mention, wooden barns are far more of a fire hazard than steel barns. Steel takes a lot more heat to ignite, and does not facilitate the easy spread of fire like wood does. God forbid it ever happens, a steel barn is far more likely to contain a barn fire, while a wood barn will spread it.


Opponents of using steel often cite the creative benefits of wooden barns over prefabricated metal buildings, promoting wood’s benefits as a malleable material. This point of argument, however, loses its footing when the Elephant Structures factory machines get to work, molding, stacking, and reinforcing your new barn into any shape, size, or style you request. We only build barns based of custom designs, meaning that we shape each barn to the needs and designs of each individual customer.

So, now that you know the facts about wood barns, what will you go with for your next big project? Long-lasting steel or susceptible wood?

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