Winter RV Cover And Storage

Winter RV Tips From Elephant Barns®

Winter RV Cover

An RV Barn from Elephant Structures provides safe and secure RV Storage all through the ice and snow!

What’s better than a white Christmas? How about a white christmas that doesn’t involve scraping ice off the windshield of your RV.

That introduces the first rule of winter RVing. When you’re parked at home, keep it in good condition under a shelter that will protect it from wind damage and ice storms. You’ll need to rely heavily on all the machinery in your RV, even for just a short jaunt, and it’s important to ensure that it’s in great working condition.

Elephant Barns has excellent winter RV covers for a great price. Our buildings protect against snow, sleet, ice, hail, and high winds, and can easily be anchored right into the ground. Looking for a solution to your winter RV coverage? Customize an RV cover or covered garage online using the Elephant Barns builder!

Remember, this is cold blooded RVing. You need to be prepared for what winter has to throw at ‘ya!

Winter RV Preparations

  • Thermo-pane windows – these windows are a worthy investment to keep the cold at bay!
  • An extra Generator
  • Bring lots of Extras! That’s extra fuel, hats, gloves, socks, food, bottled water, first aid equipment! You’ve got the room,
  • Winterize your plumbing and pipes to make sure they don’t freeze. Read this excellent article about insulating your winter RV for more details.
  • A Dehumidifier
  • When you park, choose a spot with plenty of sunlight, and try to clear snow off your roof. This will harness UV rays to keep your travel trailer or RV warm, and to use less fuel for heating.
  • space heater but always rely on a source of ventilation to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning! It’s a dangerous killer.
  • Bring lots of Pizza. Why? Because Pizza is delicious, even when it’s cold.

Click this link for more detailed tips on winterizing your RV!

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