Winter Barn

Building a Warm Winter Barn

Winter Barn

What does a winter barn need to stand up to blizzards in the depths of January and to streamline snow melt when spring comes?

With all the weather it has to be prepared for, designing a winter barn is no easy feat. It has to keep out high winds and frequent barrages of ice and snow that could damage valuable equipment or prove a threat to farm animals. Here are some of the most useful winter features that Elephant Barns customers have relied upon to keep their farms safe and warm in the depths of a January Blizzard.

                                                                                                                               Winter Barn Features

  • An Automated Attached Garage

In the dead of winter it’s important to have a safe, accessible place to park your plow. Our garages have the option of being upgraded into automated systems with running lights and remote openers so you’ll always have access to your equipment no matter what weather comes your way.  You’ll have the option of adding a back up battery to your garage, ensuring that even if you loose power in the middle of a blizzard, you’ll be able to access your snow gear, your vehicles, and any other valuables that are safely stored for the winter.

  • A Strong Roof

While all Elephant Structure’s winter barn designs will hold up to intense storms and heavy snow loads, each roof design has its own specialties. The County Winter Barn has the advantage of being the most affordable of our designs. It’s most often used to house horses.  The Ridgeline Winter Barn has a classic look that provides more interior height then the county design.  The Valley Winter Barn has the strongest shape and the farthest reach. The Valley roof is our first pick for place with proper storage, as two slope roof ensures proper drainage of ice and snow melt.

  • A Certified Structure

Choosing a certified structure will ensure that your winter barn meets all local building requirements. Certified structures are guaranteed to hold up to storms with winds exceeding 130mph. Certified structures come with unbeatable durability that makes them perfect for intense winter climates.  They also come with a 20 year warranty against corrosion.

  • Insulation

The kind of insulation you’ll want to use in a winter barn depends a lot on the specifics of your climate. For example, composting in a winter barn can work well to keep certain barn designs warm during mild winters, but will not work well for a farm on a snowy mountain in Montana. Get in touch with us (888-483-3168) to discuss the various kinds of insulation recommended for your area. At your request, an Elephant Barns team member will be happy to put you in touch with a reputable company that has satisfied many of our previous customers.

Tell us about how you equipped your winter barn with Facebook and Twitter. For more seasonal barn designs in Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, try customizing a barn with the barn builder application on our website.


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