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The Winter Barn Installer for All 48 states and All 48 Winters

Elephant Structures is an American company that manufactures each and every one of our customers designs into a solid steel weatherproof structure. Our experiences, being a winter barn installer for many different kinds of people in so many different places, inspire us to adapt our barns to combat any climate. Whether you live by the beach in a Hurricane zone or you live on the peak of a Rocky Mountain, your custom designed metal barn is sure to be standing tall on your property for decades to come.

Winter Barn Installer

We stand up to snow, hail, ice, and wind. No matter how severe or mild your winter climate, we’ve got a barn to weather the storm.

A Winter Barn Installer’s Certified Upgrade to Withstand Relentless Weather

A winter barn installer that relies on steel strength and tough corrosion resistance, all our barns are prepared to fight off the elements. Our certified structures are even stronger than our standard models. Upgrading your design into a certified structure will give your barn more than a fighting chance against any climactic weather event. Here’s what you’ll gain by joining the Big Leagues and investing in one of our certified barns.

  • A choice between staying with 14 gauge steel, or reinforcing your barn with 12 gauge steel beams. Either option can be certified, but 12 gauge steel will bring you to the maximum of snow and storm protection. Your certified 12 gauge barn will be guaranteed to protect you and your valuables from Category III hurricane winds and snow load ratings in excess of 60PSF (60 pounds per square foot).
  • Certification to meet or exceed the requirements of building permits in even the most stringent states. We’ll give you all the necessary paperwork to prove to your government office that your barn is superior to the standard model.
  • Auger anchors to secure your structure in sandy, shale, and rocky soils. These anchors provide the highest level of ground stability that we offer.
  • An additional 20 year warranty against rust through the frame, in addition to the standard 30 day workmanship warranty is included in the package of all certified 12 gauge structures.

To learn more about the options for winter and weather guaranteed protection, check out our Winter Barn Installer FAQ Page. Call in and ask about our Winter extras such as insulation or automatic garage doors with a blackout preventative battery.

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