Wildfires and Fire Resistant Steel Buildings

Wildfires in the United States

Even now in December there are 45 wildfires burning in the United States. The source WXshift, a weather site that reports on serious climate incidents states that our current western wildfire season is 105 days longer than it normally is. It also states that the largest wildfire is 27,780 acres. Wildfires are a large problem in the states, but we’ve actually had a better year this year than the last. The Insurance Information Institute states:

“On May 1, 2016 the National Interagency Fire Center released its National Significant  Wildland Fire Potential Outlook for the 2016 fire season from May to August. Hawaii, Alaska and the Southwest face an above-average threat of wildfires this summer.  The rest of the country should experience normal or below-normal threat conditions.

From January 1 to October 7, 2016, there were 46,618 wildfires, compared to 51,023 wildfires in the same period in 2015. About 4.8 million acres were burned in the 2016 period, compared with 9.1 million in 2015.”

This is still a very high number of fires, and our firefighters are still working themselves to the bone in order to combat the blazes. With a number like 46,618, it should be evident that it is important to prepare or at least have some defense against wildfires for your property. Wooden barns quickly burn in a fire, especially with hay and flammable objects stored inside.

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What are Wildfires?

Fire is one of the main dangers we face in regards to natural disasters. Fires in the United States have considerable cost monetarily as well as environmentally. the III states, “Over the 20-year period, 1995 to 2014, fires, including wildfires, accounted for 1.5 percent of insured catastrophes losses, totaling about $6.0 billion, according to the Property Claims Services (PCS) unit of ISO.” By definition a wildfire is “a large, destructive fire that spreads quickly over woodland or brush.” The shocking thing about wildfires is that 90% of all wildfires are caused by humans. These extremely destructive events can really, mostly, be prevented by us. It’s true the amount of wildfires is lower than it was last year and the temperature is still rising each month. However, the wildfires that burned this year and are still burning are actually larger than they have been in recent history. The large fires have increased 10 to 1 since 1995. This is where nearly all of the federal wildfire fighting efforts go. These wildfires are really many wildfires grouped together, and are by far the most damaging of all natural disasters.


Wildfire losses each year by the millions


Wildfires Today and Metal Buildings for the Future

The economy definitely suffers from the ravages of wildfires, but loss of life is the real tragedy. Just recently, a firefighter was killed after a limb fell and struck him. In Wildfire Today, “On October 29th Firefighter Collett was working with Red Bird VF&R on a wildfire in Clay County when a tree limb fell striking the fire apparatus and Firefighter Collett causing him to suffer head and arm injuries. He was airlifted to Pikeville Medical Center for treatment. Tragically, Firefighter Collett succumbed to his injuries Thursday evening, November 17. Humans, and wildlife both suffer great losses at the hand of these preventable forest fires. Our metal buildings are not impervious to fire damages but they are highly fire resistant. Steel is quickly becoming the number one building material of all new structures, and the benefits of having a metal barn are plentiful. When it comes to fire insurance, insurers give benefits and reduced rates for metal barn structures. So the metal barn is truly the building that keeps on giving.

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