Steel Barns – The New Wild West

In a world of advanced technology and steel barns, remember these three tips from the wise minds of the Wild West:

  • Always drink upstream from the herd.
  • Don’t drive black cattle in the dark.
  • Talk slowly, but think quickly.

Nearly every nation has a tradition of barns, but there’s something about the barn traditions of the old west. It’s the American frontier. It was a ravaging wilderness and home to some of the toughest men and women in the country. They dealt with hardships that kids today have never even heard of. Barns were made of wood. Droughts meant a better chance of wildfires, which were more likely to spread thanks to wood construction. If cowboys of the Wild West had used steel barns from Elephant Structures, then barn fires would have decreased significantly. Not to mention, their steel barns would have had a better chance of withstanding the Wild Western weather. Owning a farm or a ranch means years of commitment. It’s not a hobby. It’s a way of life.

But it’s time to add a new piece of wisdom into the mix…

Red Valley Barn Open

If you’ve ever had to sleep in a barn, you can imagine how uncomfortable it is when the roof leaks and the wood smells of mold from years of soaking up the rain. Moldy hay and soggy stalls can really put a damper on someone’s day. With steel barns from Elephant Structures, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Outfit your steel barn with stalls for your trusty horse and you’ll see just how great our barns can be.

Once you place your order, you can crack open a can of beans and you’ll have a brand-spankin’-new steel barn in two shakes of a lamb’s tale. It’s just that simple!



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Sheriff Barney recommends steel barns for all your barn needs. You’ll be smilin’ like a weasel in a hen house!


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It's pretty easy to get excited about an Elephant Barns steel barn. I should know--I'm a steel barn connoisseur.