Why You Should Plan Your Metal Barn Living Quarters

When you’re building your living quarters out of a metal barn, you’re going to need to plan certain aspects. If you’re not familiar with construction, this article is most likely for you. If you have traditional construction experience, this article is still for you. Our metal barns are made to be easy to understand and construct, but when using them as your living quarters there is a lot to consider. Steel is fairly new in regards to construction, as it’s production was stunted by technological advancements taking time. It is a challenge to create a metal barn living quarters properly, but the more you know about the pitfalls the better off you are. Steel is quickly becoming the number one material for all new building construction, and has many benefits. However, here are some disadvantages and in turn reasons to plan ahead more so than you may have thought.

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When steel first began to be manufactured in the U.S. it was more expensive than wood. Now, wood and steel are mostly the same price. Steel is more difficult to construct due to it’s weight and rigidity so it costs more in labor. We strive to get our costs down as low as we can, and as an added gesture we always offer free delivery and installation with every building. This means your barn will be lowest in labor cost that it can be. Free. When you customize your building areas with add-ons after installation, the budget needs to be carefully considered. Costs for things like flooring, wall paneling and insulation can become high fairly quickly. We recommend planning the entire budget with more room than you would initially.

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Without Insulation You’re In Trouble

We offer a basic vapor seal insulation that takes care of the initial moisture problems. Without further insulation, the building’s steel may be damaged prematurely. In order to counter that, we offer a 20 year rust-through warranty. We understand that if you’re making your living quarters out of a metal barn you don’t want to worry about the negative effects of the metal, only the positives. Herein, we take care of those issues. If you’re interested in types of insulation we always recommend spray foam for nearly all metal buildings. The spray foam is quick, relatively cheap, and high quality.

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If you don’t plan your paint, insulation to a lack of budget or something else, your health can suffer. The chemicals in certain paints can damage your lungs, and the insulation will keep mold from forming. Mold causes allergies in many people, and if you don’t spring for insulation your lungs and more will suffer as a result. Some people won’t be affected by these things, but it’s always better safe than sorry.

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When it comes to bills, you may need to heat your building more in the winter if you don’t insulate well enough. The living quarters are shelled in a material that doesn’t retain heat very well. This can lead to high heating bills, regardless of how you end up heating your building. We suggers radiant electric heating, as it’s affordable and does well in metal building environments.

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Condensed Space

This area is where we stress you place the most emphasis in your planning above all else. There are many benefits of steel buildings, but one of the main downfalls is the interior design. We’ve seen a wave of unique and impressively efficient models of interior design in recent architecture. Tiny homes, and more self sustained homes are becoming increasingly popular. We advise you take the time to plan extensively in this regard, as space becomes the deciding factor for a lot of these homes and their design.

Overall, the best thing to do is research and plan. Our building advisors can help you plan your building specifications, but a lot of the weight of designing your dream home fall on you. Understandably. We wish you the best in your designing process, and are happy to help you with our top of the line metal buildings when the time comes.




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