Why The Metal Barn is Not Just For Farmers

These days, agricultural is getting corporate. The age of farmers owning private land and making all their revenue from their own crops is nearly over. That doesn’t mean it’s not out there, it just means it’s getting rare. It’s a shame in many ways, but all this technological advancement had to come with a cost. People need their produce, and their livestock products, at a price and at a rate in which your typical farmer can’t keep up with. That’s why many locally grown products, or truly natural grown produce is more expensive.

As we climb off the soapbox of modern amenities and the cost they place on the common man, we’d like to point out that our metal barns are not just for farmers. Many people think barns in general belong on a farm, and they wouldn’t be wrong. However, the modern age has brought ingenuity in forms we didn’t foresee when we started engineering and designing metal buildings back in the day.

Our customers have made homes, cottages, business, workshops, and much more out of our metal barns. In fact, the majority of our customers are not farmers. They’re perfectly suited to just store your cars, sort out your current garage, or occasionally to host a barbecue for family and friends. The customization options are nearly endless, and it’s great to know the engineering of Elephant Barns means that your structure will stand for years and years.


Ridgeline Barn with One Open Lean-to

This Metal Barn is a 48’ Wide x 24’ Long x 11’ high ridgeline barn, you are getting 1052 square feet of storage space for your vehicles and equipment.  It is an affordable way to protect your cars, trucks, equipment, livestock, and much more.  The barn has lean-tos on each side for extra storage space.  The center structure has 12′ legs, while the lean-tos each have 9′ legs.  The customer that originally purchased this barn left one of the lean-tos open to use as a boat cover, but you can customize this barn for whatever you need.

Metal Barns Built to Last

Our metal barns are stronger, more affordable, and require less maintenance than wood and other traditional building materials.  This structure is manufactured with the highest quality materials available. The building frame is constructed with premium American-made galvanized steel. The roof and wall panels are heavy duty 29 gauge steel sheets. We reinforce all of our metal barns with corner and center bracing on the steel frame. The regular style roof is guaranteed to be free of leaks and other defects.

Installing Your Ridgeline Barn

We offer FREE installation and delivery for all of our metal buildings! Only a small deposit is due when you order, with the balance being owed on your installation date. As long as you have a level building site, most structures can be completed in just one day’s time. Our company is proud to offer both standardized buildings and fully custom carports, garages and commercial buildings. We can meet any need, anywhere, and you are sure to receive a quality building. If you cannot find anything that fits your exact needs in our gallery, then you can design your own structure using our Virtual Building Creator. Just type in your zip code to receive instant pricing for your area. Have questions about this ridgeline barn? Give us a call or use the live chat on our website to get in touch with a building advisor today!


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