When to Get a Barn?

Elephant Barns are always in season.

Barns can be built at any time of year to last any kind of weather. Elephant Barns builds barns for customers in 48 states, and as a result, has learned how to build a barn in any season. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, custom designed barns are available for home delivery and assembly.  When you customize your barn design for your climate on our website, you’ll receive free delivery and installation on the design of your choosing. All our barns are custom built by you online, and anchored right into the ground by our delivery crew at no extra cost to you.

When to get a barn

The time is now!

When to get a barn delivered and installed: The Elephant Structures Timing Schedule

To explain how our installation timing works, we’d like to share an excerpt from a 2010 study of our timing process:


“Over 80% of our orders were installed in 6 weeks or less, and 95% of our orders were installed in 8 weeks or less. We did see a slight bump in the number of orders that took longer than 8 weeks last month, which rose to 5% of orders, but we still had less than 1% of orders that took more than 3 months, including all custom orders and 10,000+ square foot buildings! Of course, any installations that took longer than the amount of time promised in our T&C were offered 10% off of their order for the inconvenience, even if the weather was the cause of the delay.”

If you need a building put up by a certain date, the key thing is to communicate with us and to provide a detailed account of your availability schedule. Our builders are happy to coordinate and work with you.

We also offer DIY assembly on your building with a discount included.  This isn’t a recommended option for first timer DIYers however. Detailed instructions on how to assemble the building are not available at this time, so it helps to have a good working knowledge of roofing parts and good construction ability.  On the other hand, our smaller sized customized carport kits are DIY friendly, even for customers with no experience.

Don’t live wishing “When to get a barn…” Have the confidence to say, “Now, it’s time to get a barn!

 Elephant Structures is a dedicated installer of affordable metal carports to every state on the mainland US. To learn more about our company vision, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. We’re always happy to hear from fans and inquirers.


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