Weather-Proof Barn Doors

Custom Doors Designed Online

Weather-Proof Barn doors on a new barn from

Customize a new custom structure and get it certified to stand the seasons in any US climate.

Lock the weather out with a custom steel building with automatic barn doors from Elephant Structures

Being in the market for a new barn or other steel outdoor building can be confusing, time-consuming, and frustrating. Perhaps a bad past experience or a shoddily built barn has left a bad taste in your mouth, and you’re looking to replace or supplement it with something better, but you’re just not sure how to go about doing that.

Start fresh with Elephant Structures, and design a barn online that you can rely on.   Elephant Barn are built with triple steel based on a plan that you customize online. Upon request, we certify our barns for decades with a reinforced 12 gauge steel frame that will stand up to heavy snow loads, never rust through the frame, and withstand winds exceeding 130 mph. That’s preparation for Category III hurricane winds! You’ll get a 20 year warranty on one of these barns, but expect it to last much longer than that.

Elephant barns builds custom barns based on customer designs living in a variety of US climates. Our certified barns are known from the Rockies to the Florida coast as the strongest structures around, exceeding the structural requirements in any region’s legislature.

Barn Doors to Fight Against the Elements

Our barn doors are double vinyl sealed and weather proofed for your convenience when they are installed. Our aluminum windows are also specially sealed to provide intense weather protection, tested for air infiltration, water resistance, and optional structural performance tests for wind zone II (155 mph). Get automatic garage doors with folding panels and a backup battery system so that your garage will be secure in the depth of winter snows.

Leave the weather at the door with weather-proof barn doors built by Elephant Structures. If you’re searching for a company with quality, durable, affordable barns, look no further than Combine all that with our free delivery and installation, and you’ve got a package that’s too tempting to pass up!

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