Veterinarians Are Choosing Metal Barns and Steel Buildings

Why Do Veterinarians Choose Steel?

Veterinarians are building their facilities out of metal barns more and more. At Elephant we care about animals, and many of our barns are built to be animal shelters or horse barns. The truth is steel buildings are more and more prevalent in construction and veterinarians are just adapting quicker than others. It’s surprising to learn about this, but once you hear the benefits and capabilities of metal barns and steel buildings it makes sense. The customization, speed of construction, available square footage and affordability of metal barns makes them the prime for facility buildings. The expenses of a normal building over time make steel buildings look like economic gold mines. The operating cost when coupled with some ingenious engineering lower energy bills, cleaning bills, upkeep, and insurance over a long period of time and in the immediate. Animals in need of care require a consistently controlled climate, and with professional insulation our metal barns are easy to heat and cool.

Veterinarian adminsters dental attention in a metal barn

What Aspects of Veterinary Facilities Are Made From Steel?

Animal care operations have many aspects of their buildings that benefit from the steel architecture. The scale is varied as well. Clinics can have several practices within, and steel buildings can be constructed in such a way to allow for all rooms to fit inside.

• Drug and Medicine Lockup
• Food storage
• Office Spaces
• Waiting Rooms and receptions
• Areas for Horse Stables
• Breakrooms
• And even operating/grooming areas

Animals require as much attention as humans do, and a facility that takes care of many different species requires extensive space and reliable construction. Veterinarians have assessed the market, and realized the best method for getting excellent strong, durable, and highly customizable buildings is by far metal buildings and steel barns. Our barns do not have to be in the traditional style of barns either, and can be customized with bays in the interior to make construction of these separate spaces easier.

Commercial metal building with two bays blue paneling and white trim

Why Steel Barns and Metal Buildings?

Steel is the best material for buildings, due to it’s strength. It requires less material to make a stronger structure than many other materials. The framing is capable of being much lighter, which in turn requires less machinery and operation than it’s competition. When it comes down to it, steel buildings and barns are built much faster than concrete, wood, or composite buildings. When veterinarians need a new space for their animals in and out of their current care steel is built faster. The same benefits can extend to any type of organization. For example, an outlet store. Product can go from storage to shopping bags much faster.

The appearance of any building is important, and our metal barns are aesthetically appealing due to their state of the art engineering and design. If the building is going in a commercial area, it’s important to blend in to the surround structures (or stand out) in a way that is best for the owner. We have many colors and offer customization of every panel. As an added bonus, wainscoating is free. The dynamic nature of our buildings is a point of pride here at Elephant. We serve metal building owners in various ways. Some customers have even turned our metal barns into homes for permanent residence.

When it comes to longevity and susceptibility to outside forces, our buildings have a sliding scale depending on the needs of the customer. We offer commercial grade structures, certification, and different gauge options for heavy duty projects. Steel is also impervious to things like mold, fires, termites, and much more. When it comes time to insure your business, most insurance companies will be pleased to see you went with steel.

With the way the future is moving towards praising “green” companies and moving to thwart environmental damage, steel wins again. Steel is easily recycled and regains it’s strength with no deterioration over recycling cycles. It’s the only material with this capability as well. This can add to the value of your home, your building, your business, or whatever you use our metal barns for.








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