Typical Barn Size

Typical Barn Size

Typical Barn Size?

Designing a metal barn is a commitment that is sure to bring you the greatest joy in years to come. You probably have big plans for your dream barn, like building stables for your horses or hosting the perfect family reunion to be remembered for generations. When it comes to barn size, there really isn’t one. It all depends on what you plan to achieve with your new metal structure. Knowing this, we offer many different sizes so you can design the metal barn to suit your needs.

Barn Size from Elephant Barns

Every barn from Elephant Barns is unique. With thousands of possible designs, only you can determine what sized barn you need. While there is no typical barn size, the height of your structure has some limitations. The actual structure height is determined by the side height, or leg height, with a minimum of 6 feet tall – although most customers choose to go taller. The maximum side height is 14 feet. The barn width in the center section is available from 12 feet to 30 feet wide. Anything 25 feet wide or more have additional center bracing for added support, so your Elephant Barn has that unbeatable Elephant strength.

Typical Barn Size: Plan for the Future with Elephant Barns

Keep in mind when designing your barn that you may choose to add walls or doors at a later date. Your barn height should allow for these additions. If you want to add a garage door later down the line, your typical barn size can accommodate different door options. Just keep in mind that whatever you’re looking for in a metal barn, our fully customizable metal structures can be tailored to your needs. A typical barn size lets you design the barn you’ve always dreamed of.


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