Trailer Storage Metal Barns

Trailer Storage Metal Barns

Trailer Storage Metal Barns

Need Space? We Solve the Problems of our Customers!

At Elephant Barns we know you’ll have lots of uses for your barn, from agriculture, to livestock, to woodworking, to storage space. We also know that a long lasting barn needs to be adaptable to best serve you and your farm through all the changes over the years. That’s why we build our barn kits to be upgradable at any time. Elephant Structures is there to help you before, during and after you invest in our metal barns.

Our custom barn builder allows you to customize your brand new barn, choosing your style, dimensions, colors, open walls, windows, and garage doors. There’s no limit to how many designs you make, our online builder updating a model of barn on screen. We’ll also update the exact amount of your order, including free delivery and installation, and the 10% down payment you need to secure your online order.  There’s hundreds of options to choose from, ensuring that you get all the features you’re looking for in a barn.

Trailer Storage Metal Barns

Elephant Barns offers many options that will optimize your barn as a storage space. Here’s a list of features that we’ll recommend to you if you’re interested in upgrading your barn.

  •  Automatic Garage Door Openers optimize storage in metal barns, making it easy to access your .  Upgrade it with a backup power system to assure access to your essentials during a blackout caused by a blizzard or thunderstorm.
  • Garage Door Locks will guarantee that your doors cannot be opened or closed except by you. Keep out intruders and secure your valuables with a heavy duty automatic door lock.
  • Insulation can be installed to keep your steel barn cool in the summer or warm in the winter. Insulation is recommended if you plan on turning a section of your barn into a work space or if you’re planning on keeping animals.
  • Certified Structure Upgrades will give your building a 20 year rust warranty, while also reinforcing it for 130mph winds and intense snow loads. While a non-certified structure will still stand up to heavy weather, getting a certified structure guarantees that you’ll exceed all the building requirements in your area.

 Trailer Storage Metal Barns: For more information about available upgrades for your metal barn, give an Elephant Barns customer service representative a call at . To learn more about our company connect with us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!


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