The Oldest Barn in The World!

Elephant Barns has been in the business of metal buildings for a long time. The structures we create are built with three things in mind, amongst others.

  1. Customization. We maintain a laundry list of options for each and every customer in every tier of structure we offer. If you’re in the commercial business and want an area to place office space, we can section it off for you. Horse stable for two or three horses? We can cut frame-outs to any size for you horses.
  2. Affordability. When it comes to our purchasing options, we attempt to accommodate every potential customer with a building that can get the job done at price that won’t break the bank. If you are a start up business with a small budget, we even manufacture commercial buildings that can be purchased through finance methods after a short process.
  3. Longevity. The main thing we build our products towards is longevity. We want to ensure that after a customer purchases a building from Elephant Barns that it’s the last building they’ll ever need to buy. That’s if they don’t need more storage in the future, of course. In which case they come back to us for our options, low price, and quality product.


Cressing Temple: The Oldest Barn In The World

In the realm of longevity, there’s still one barn that we may never top. We’re talking of course about the Cressing Temple. It’s a barn in Essex, England, and is the oldest standing barn in the world. It’s a timber frame structure, presumably because they weren’t aware of how steel would be the future. We can’t blame them however, the nature of the material is still misused by industry professionals. Our engineers and building advisors at Elephant Barns have been around for decades, and bring their expertise to every structure.

The history of the temple is insanely intricate, due to the long feuds that plagued the time in which it was constructed. The infamous Knights Templar was the owner of the Cressing at one point, and used it as an agricultural hub near the holy land. It was the prize of Templar, and it’s 14,000 acres of agricultural land helped fund the Templar and it’s crusades in the Middle East.

It was nearly destroyed during a rebellion by peasants, who believed it’s extravagant coffers needed a little redistributing towards the unfortunate. They stole massive amounts of artifacts from the monks and Templars and attempted to burn down the structure in the heat of their upheaval. Luckily the historical monument was saved by the Templar and is still investigated by archaeologists and historians to this day.

Elephant Barns and Our History

We certainly don’t hope for our structures to be home to the modern Knight’s Templar or any sort of occupying force unlawfully stealing from “peasants,” but we do hope to be around for a long time to come. The way that we’ve ensured our place int he history of architecture and agriculture not unlike the Cressing Temple, is quality construction, affordability, and customization for our customers.

If you’re interested in timber frame barns like the Cressing Temple due to it’s longevity, we highly recommend steel. That wood has been restored throughout the years and requires constant maintenance. Our steel frame barns will last for a long, long while if properly kept after. When it comes to maintaining a steel barn, you don’t need to do much. A checkup each year, or a repair after a storm will do the trick. When it comes to peasant uprisings however, we suggest insurance. Call now for a free consultation, or request a custom quote through our online form. You can also build your own barn here, in our online builder.



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