The Christmas Tree Growers are Harvesting Soon!


For Christmas tree growers across the nation, the harvesting dates are fast approaching. The days where you spend endless hours of hard work to cut, bale, and store the trees until they can be delivered. An entire years worth of work is about to be sold. All of the work you have accomplished that year can be for nothing if you improperly store your Christmas trees.

It is a well known fact among Christmas tree growers that there are two things that can go wrong when harvesting a tree to be sold. The first is if the terminal (tip) of a tree is broken, the tree becomes essentially worthless. the second, is that once cut, the tree has to be stored in a shaded cool environment as to not dry out before it reaches the customer.

Here at Elephant Barns, we have the solution. We provide steel structures that have the strength and durability for any of your farming needs. Our high quality steel barns provide the shade and protection your Christmas trees need to make it to your customers. Not only are our steel buildings perfect for storing Christmas trees during harvest, it will ensure that your machinery, equipment, and farm supplies are out of the weather and fully protected.

With a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, we are able to give you the barn you have dreamt of. Consisting of high quality Galvalume steel and grade 8 bolts, our buildings offer a quality that our competitors can’t. Our buildings can withstand high winds and heavy snow loads in order to give you the utmost protection.

Christmas tree growers, don’t let your years worth of hard work all be wasted in the weeks of harvest. Come and talk with us so that you can get the building you need and deserve.

For more information on our high quality steel buildings, give us a call at: (888) 592-3313



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