The 7 Deadly Barn Sins

The Seven Deadly Barn Sins

There are a number of things that can go wrong with your barn, when you’ve got the wrong barn. We call those things the Seven Deadly Barn Sins. The below list may be alarming. It may be frightening. But it’s probably the most important list of barn sins that you’ll ever read.

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Leaky Roof

A leaking roof is a real hassle. Unless you’re a handyman (or woman) or you feel like doling out cash for a contractor, dealing with a leaky roof is can be disheartening…especially if it begins leaking in more than one place. Sure, it goes without saying, but your barn should not have a leaky roof.

Collapsed Roof

What’s worse than a leaky roof is a collapsed roof. A number of factors can contribute to the ultimate collapse of your barn roof. It’s important to prepare by getting a barn that will resist collapse.

Collapsed Barn

What’s worse than a collapsed roof? When your entire structure begins to collapse. It can begin with a single pole or post. The strain on the structure will succumb. You end up with more work than what you began with.

Water Damage

Water damage typically comes with wooden construction. It is a side-effect of a leaky roof. It’s not always just the building that’s damaged, either. Sometimes it’s your precious storage Your barn should be dry inside!

Wind Damage

A barn that’s susceptible to wind damage is a terrible pain. How do you know when your barn can withstand the weather?


Your barn shouldn’t be exactly like everybody else’s. Because you’re not everybody else. Don’t settle for the duplicate of your neighbor’s barn. What if you need more space than her? What if you want a different style? It’s important that you be able to customize your barn.

General Dereliction

A derelict barn may seem rustic, quaint, even charming… but it’s actually a big heaping pile of rusty nails, sharp tin sheets, and swelling, splintery wood that’s bound to collapse any moment. It’s the result of neglect. Wooden barns require a lot of maintenance, after all.


Avoid a barn that displays these seven sins. The easiest way to do that? Make sure it’s an Elephant Barn, of course! A metal barn from Elephant Barns is dry, safe, and virtually maintenance-free. See our link below to finally realize your metal building dream!


Woe is he who must conquer the leaky barn roof.


Clearly Elephant Barns is the best way to go! You'll love your new metal barn!

Clearly Elephant Barns is the best way to go! You’ll love your new metal barn!


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