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Steel building excellence from Elephant Barns.

Here at Elephant Barns, we pride ourselves on our commitment to steel building excellence. That’s because we have many years of experience putting forth the effort to perfect our steel building designs. Each of our barn styles is designed to mimic traditional barns—you know, like the ones in your hometown that were built about a century ago—except we bring something new to the table. We bring the power of steel.

How do I get a steel building from Elephant Barns?

If you’re looking for a steel building, you’ve come to the right place! There are a number of options available as to how to go about getting one and we plan to outline them right here.

Getting an Elephant Barns steel building is a simple process, and even fun! We’ve got a fantastic team of sales engineers who are more than ready to help you design a building that’ll look good, suit your needs, and withstand the test of time.

  • You’ll find them ready to answer your questions on our Live Chat box at the bottom-right corner of our website.
  • You’ll find them waiting on the other end of the telephone line listed above.
  • If you choose to design a building on your own using our handy online builder, you won’t have to worry about our sales engineers…but they’ll be there in spirit, and they can be contacted at any point in your design process using one of the two methods listed above.

If you’re looking for a steel building with even more customization options than what’s available on our online builder, just give us a call! Our sales engineers are friendly and experienced and more than ready to create, for you, a one-of-a-kind steel building.


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It's pretty easy to get excited about an Elephant Barns steel barn. I should know--I'm a steel barn connoisseur.

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