Steel Barns Cost What You Want Them To

Using our online custom design software, it’s easy for anyone to decide how their steel barns cost and how their steel barns look.

Steel barns Cost

Steel barns make a multifunctional, productive additions to a farm and property.

Budget Calculator and Virtual Model Builder in One

Elephant Structures has developed a barn shopping model that gives the customer the power to decide their barn design and price. We let you update a barn to your preference, updating the colors, dimensions, walls, gables, roofing, and extra features to your liking. Alongside the virtual model of the barn, Barny, the economic elephant, will instantly update the price of your barn as you add or remove the features. That’s the total, absolute price of your barn and all its features with free delivery and installation included.  Barney gives you an honest quote of your custom structure in real time.

Custom designs are sent straight to our NC factory where expert technicians get to work bending and molding steel to your preference.  With the assurance of US manufacturing, your structure is sure to stand up to heavy winds, thunderstorms, hail and gales. You can also outfit any Elephant Structure with a certified, reinforced steel, a twenty year warranty and the official standard that will exceed the requirements for a building permit in hurricane zones, tornado alleys, and areas receiving heavy snowfall.  Certified Steel Barns cost you no more than you’ll see on screen, and will pay you back in reliability, durability and practicality against any kind of climate.

Customize your Steel Barns Cost in Real-Time Online, and have a barn delivered and installed on your property at no extra cost to you!

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