Stand Alone Barns

Stand Alone Barns

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Elephant Structures builds Stand Alone Barns to fight against Extreme Weather in Any Climate

The weather in the US has been crazy in recent years, and it’s becoming necessary to build stand alone barns that stand up to extreme weather.

Elephant Certified stand alone barns have intense reinforcement, able to stand up to winter blizzards, summer gales, and the winds of Category III hurricanes. These structures are reinforced with 12 gauge steel, guaranteed to meet or exceed the building requirements of any region in the US. We’ll even send you official building documents that boast and prove to your local government office that your building will stand strong.

Certified Elephant Structures also come with a 20 year warranty against rust. Our galvanized steel is triple sealed. All barns are coated in near never-fade paint that only needs to be rinsed with a garden hose to be returned to a new shine.  With strong steel supporting you, you’ll have a barn that will stand up to years against corrosion in the frame, critters weakening your structure and storms that roll through your area. We build our barns strong so that you can rely on them for decades down the road.

Our stand alone barns can be anchored right into the ground, no concrete foundation required. With a little construction experience, you can even assemble your barn yourself getting a 5% discount off of your order for your industrious DIY nature.

 Elephant Structures manufactures stand alone barns for customers in a variety of climates all across the mainland US. To learn more about our company and about our barns, get in touch with us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. We’re always happy to hear from fans and inquirers!








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