Some Things You Should Add to Your Barn to Make it Your Own

Metal building used on a farm.

Our barns are extremely customizable in the structural and aesthetic sense. We’ve designed our entire product line in order to maintain the best options for our customers available. If you’d like to see for yourself just check out the barn builder before continuing. It’s a crash course into what we offer in terms of options, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for there just send in a custom quote form and a building advisor will personally look after your customization requirements. You’ll find after a little investigation that our barns line is capable of being a garage, livestock shelter, workshop, home, business, and much more. After you have your barn installed, you’ll probably be looking for ways to improve it or create something more personally tailored. It’s always nice to have aspects of your life directly manufactured to your liking, and we’d love for you to read some of our tips. Our customers have sometimes surprised us with their customizations after-market, and we’d like to extend some of those ideas on to you.

  1. First, make sure you add windows in the customization process. Windows are a huge boon to any home, and we offer our own line of windows for your lighting and aesthetic needs. If are windows aren’t big enough or to your exact liking, feel free to order a frame-out with your preferred window size. Windows can add a ton to any structure, and at times are the difference between a claustrophobic vibe to the interior or an open dream space.
  2. Flooring can make or break the interior as well. We always recommend installing your barn or metal building on a concrete foundation, but if you’re looking to go farther than concrete in terms of comfortability or design, adding a custom flooring design will improve your interior appeal greatly.
  3. When working in the garage, depending upon the work, you’ll usually need a sink to wash off in. Walking back and forth between the barn and the house in order to wash your hands or face can become tiring. If you run plumbing out to your barn and install a sink you can have fresh water available for drinking and cleaning. Also, you’ll never know when you need to clean off a quick mistake on whatever project you’ve been working on, and you’ll end up thanking yourself later.
  4. We’ve actually written a lot on this aspect, because it’s one of the main tenants of our entire business: storage. Inside your barn, it’s convenient to just have your property stored here and there organized, but if you add cabinets, racks, or any sort of customized storage your barn will quickly become a more appreciated area. Not only will you be more organized with purposeful storage options, you’ll be able to get the most bang for your buck in terms of square footage.
  5. Most people have electricity in every building on their property, and your barn should be no exception. Whatever you decide to order your metal barn for, having an electric line run to your building will massively improve your buildings usability and versatility. You won’t have to fumble around with extension cords or anything like that, simply plug in and work away.
  6. Something a bit more fun than utility, have some speakers and a small audio set up in your barn. With music, the work feels a lot less like work. When you’re barn is your place of hobby, business, or any sort of activity, your favorite tunes only serve to add to your experience and in turn your buildings personal value and touch.
  7. Certifying your building should always be considered no matter what you’re using it for, be it weather, storage, or otherwise. When you have doors on your building, and something valuable inside be sure to install security. Even if it’s just locks or a small camera system, the security of your building will always be important in any regard. The more your customize your building, the more we recommend that you secure it.
  8. A staple of a metal barn regardless of what you’re using it for is a workbench. Nearly every possibility that our buildings are used for usually call for or are greatly benefited by a workshop table. A bench can help you tinker with car parts, fill pots with soil and plants, etc. A workbench is a great way to give yourself an area to finish tasks and prioritize activities you’ll perform in your barn.
  9. Getting the right lighting in any building interior or exterior can completely change the mood, visibility, and value of your building. Adding comfortable lighting for your animals will also improve their mood, not to mention your ability to take care of them efficiently and without headache.
  10. Climate control is essential to any place that you or your livestock are spending a lot of time in. it isn’t always perfectly comfortable outside, and inside your metal building is no exception. Steel is a great insulator for both hot and cold weather conditions due to it’s unique nature. However, adding a space heater and air conditioning can make working in your barn for you and your animals extremely tolerable and much more enjoyable.

Going With Elephant Barns

Whether you are looking to purchase a metal building for your farm, your estate, your vacation home, your lake house, or your primary residence, Elephant Structures has a number of options available for your consideration. Of course, if you only need a carport or a metal garage, Elephant Structures has a number of options with various price points. In all cases, Elephant prides itself on customer service, upfront pricing, and affordability. Give the experts a call at (888) 907-7309. Elephant sells product in all 48 states. Learn more about the metal building locations we work in across the country.

Our barns may be used for animal shelters, park pavillons, hay storage, carriage houses, firewood storage, motorcycle garages, livestock barns, horse barns, RV storage, boat storage, farm shed, farm house, agriculture building, storage units, and so much more. The options are endless.




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