Severe Storms, Changing Weather, and Old Barns

Just about everyone in the country right now knows that the weather this year has been odd and strangely sporadic. We’ve experienced a constantly shifting temperature and forecast all winter here in North Carolina, with some severe storms. Here in Boone we’ve had trees torn from the ground from a storm that happened almost unexpectedly, as well as snow one day and 50 degree weather with sunshine the next. If you’re feeling that you’re perception of the weather based on your location is relevant to the larger scale you may be right. In an article recently published by The Weather Channel they list off many events of strange weather that happened last year, and have already carried over to the beginning 2017. First off, one of the most obvious events was the increased warming that was written about everywhere. Apparently, the first five months of 2016 were months of unprecedented warming on a global scale. This doesn’t necessarily mean that weather is across the board more like it is here in the summer, just more prone to severe or strange storms. Second, the northeast is currently experiencing a record breaking snow storm as this article is being written, but that is only from the record that was broken and set early last year.


That’s only the beginning of strange weather throughout the globe, with snow in Mexico where it usually never happens, and even in the Sierra! The snow in the sierra was called a miracle as they received ten feet in ten days.  If that’s not atypical weather it’s hard to tell what is. The list goes on and on, with softball sized hail destroying a large old house here in the states, as well as oddities involving disastrous wildfires as consequences to dry weather. Temperatures reached 123 degrees in India, breaking all recorded records. Alaska is warmer than ever, and right here where our company is based in the Appalachian Mountains we experienced serious flooding. There’s more, but we’ll spare you the details as the point has probably already been made. Whatever is happening to the weather, it’s been fairly unpredictable in the sense of: how exactly is mother nature going to break records this month? These patterns of weather have led to some common problems. There are many that are of high importance and take priority over our solution, such as displacement of entire families and unfortunately loss of life in some instances. On the less important but still imperative scale, the strong storms that have plagued rural areas have led to removal of barns and homes.

For example, just recently a barn was destroyed and several gravestones were dislodged in Boone County, Indiana. The desecration of important personal monuments is tragic, and hopefully they can be repaired quickly. When it comes to the old barns though, it’s nearly impossible to warrant rebuilding them in the same way. Wooden barns used to be cheaper than metal barns when steel was up and coming as a manufacturing resource. Nowadays steel is used in nearly every new construction that takes place. We’ve been in the steel business a long time, and take it first from us, it’s not going anywhere other that places that it hasn’t been yet.

Ordering From Elephant Barns

Our metal barns can withstand severe weather, and if the past few years and the current weather are any indication of what is to come it looks like metal barns may be the only barns you see. We understand that the common misconception is that metal barns are more expensive than wooden barns, that’s simply not the case. Our barns are around the same in price if not cheaper in nearly every configuration. Also, not only are they of a stronger build and have more longevity, they also have more inside space than wooden barns and pole barns. This is due to our clear span truss system that allows for every square foot inside to be used to it’s maximum potential. When it comes to metal buildings, Elephant Barns doesn’t mess around. If you’re a farmer that has wooden barns or simply use wooden buildings for storage on your property then do yourself a favor and consider getting a metal barn to replace that wooden structure. The truth is that the wooden barn will eventually be destroyed by a well placed storm. The changing climate seems to be showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon, and the least that we can expect from this climate now is more severe storms throughout the country, especially in the mid-west. The snow storm that’s pounding the northeast is a clear indicator that even when you think you’re safe or out of season you never truly are. Call now for a free consultation and remember, our buildings always come with free installation and delivery!


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